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  1. For me, it's a big unit of Zombies. The masses buff them selves, have a vampire, corpse cart and Necromancer in the vicinity, and laugh yo' butt off when they slaughter anything. The thing is: this only works once on a single enemy: once they know what Zombies can do, they'll become their primary target and they will die fast.
  2. Hi all, This happened in our last game, I tried to paint a clear picture on what happened: 1. The Bloodthirster was already in a combat with a unit of Zombies (Z) and Skeletons (S). There was a Bloodletter unit (B) nearby 2. The Bloodletters charge the skeletons, barely making the charge. 3 models could make base contact with the unit. 3. During the Combat Phase, the Bloodletters Piled In towards the nearest enemy model, which was one skeleton. 4. As a consequence, after Pile In, not a single Blood Letter c
  3. My honest opinion? I think that if you dont WANT To paint something, you never SHOULD. So Id go for list 1: pure for the change in models.
  4. nighthaunt by far!! spray ghosts white, wash with Nihilakh oxide, drybrush Celestra grey, drybrush white. Forgo all details. surely, it cannot be easier
  5. @rokapoke Ah. Didn't see that in the rulebook. Cheers! That does make sense. so you can still have one respite and check for ambush (which nearly never occurs...). So what happens then if you just stay in a room and everybody ends their turn without exploring? You'll get a random event every time you don't explore to the next room and don't get a respite? What about the other questions? Anybody? - mistweaver: First, deny adversaries a die, then a very high chance to stun them, giving the heroes basically an extra turn to kick them when they are down. A bit
  6. missile units giant zombies new zombies artillery piece gimme.
  7. we just finished a game of Silver Tower. Great game and some fun mechanics, but the rulebook is...a bit of an unorganised mess to be honest... We think we did alright, but some questions remained: - we didnt had any trouble whatsoever against adversaries: How does the game scale in difficulty after each amulet piece? It gets easier because of the treasure and skills, but the monsters remain the same level. - unique skills: Can you use these as many times as you want? A warrior priest casting the area spell twice against 8 grots clears the board and nets him 8 reknown way too easily.
  8. ah. Ok, thanks for the explanation. I though more in the likes of powerplay and OP listbuilding , but this is not like that really
  9. quite new; why are 3x10 zombies a cheese battleline?
  10. Daniel

    zombie horde

    mix from Mantic Ghouls, Mantic Zombies and GW zombies. braaaaaains.....
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