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  1. The shadow strike formation
  2. So today I’m talking about ripperdactyls, I have been using them quite a lot in my games. Mainly because with the formation it forces your opponent to bunch up, as they can drop really close the only thing I’ve noticed is 3 is enough. I have found 6 to be too unwieldy when dropping from the sky, (also I believe that you need a unit of them on the table at the start of the game to benefit from the toads ability.) they do shred light troops though, good horde killers too.
  3. So I’ve started with the saurus warriors, I think actually skinks are the best core unit we have, but I’m looking at all kinds of options for the army. There is nothing to be sniffed at 40 saurus on an objective with buffs on is no easy unit to shift. I have gone with spear options for the 2 inch reach, I have also decided to paint 90 in one go. If I wasn’t using an air brush I wouldn’t consider it I don’t think, maybe spray cans would do the same job. the last pic is them in action at facehammer where I played Pete’s lovely old school Nighthaunt army. Cocked up quite a bit in this game,
  4. Wow i've been away for a while, i have decided to change things up a bit, and delve into a proper faction that can support its self in age of sigmar. Especially with the generals handbook 2017, as im already an order buff (i know there are a lot of us out there!) and i decided to get into Seraphon, with my different style colour schemes and big model range i thought they would fit nicely, so im going to get some pictures up as soon as i can. i will also put a link up of my previous thread so you guys can see it. Hopefully you enjoy it.
  5. @Kramer thanks very much I do have some more coming, but the release of the second generals handbook will slow me down, until I decide which direction I want to go.
  6. Got some updates guys, I know it's been a while sisters of the thorn complete, I have decided that I hate painting elvish cavalry, don't really know why. Probably because it's so small and fiddly thought I would paint a war machine so I've got some range to choose from. and the veritant, I've really enjoyed this guy. Don't know when I'm going to use him, but he's is a baller!
  7. Next unit on the painting table, sisters of the thorn. I'm giving that zenethal technique a try with white spray dusted on top to pre-shade
  8. @7phwt well thanks very much, there is more stuff on the way!
  9. Went to a one day event today, pleased with how the army looked, it's still not really competitive. But cracking day, here are some shots
  10. Some rough shots of the army ready to battle, I've used skinks to fill out the battle line requirements for matched play games
  11. So been working a lot on the army lately, and I'm happy to say I have an army that can compete in matched play games without taking some of the auto Whilst also giving me a much softer force for narrative games, being flexible is key I feel. here is a battle Mage, probably from the lore of heavens/fire. He will sit atop my bale wind vortex lobbing out spells. the mist weaver is a nice cheap hero, who has a long ranged spell I think I can use effectively.
  12. A solid weekends work on this I will post another pic when he's finished, he's been an absolute pleasure to paint. If a bit of a ball ache to put together. He brings some much needed reach to the army, so let's say hi to Mr prime, double two-ing a charge near you!
  13. @John Harrison hi john just noticed there is a typo on my name should say Broxholme, also is there a vegetarian option on the food. Sorry to be a pain
  14. This could be the start of something beautiful, or epically bad!
  15. 5 reavers done, I must say I absolutely hated painting these. I don't want to do any more of them, I can't put my finger on why either to say they are starter kit models there is so much detail on them. Errrrgghhhh
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