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  1. Craptrain

    The Rumour Thread

    My happiness is not 40k-based. It's Warhammer-based (both 40k and AoS). Heck, I have fully built and painted every unit in the Nighthaunt battletome just this summer (Kurdoss Valentian and Bladegheists still in progress). I think you misinterpreted my point.
  2. Craptrain

    The Rumour Thread

    People, some perspective here please. We literally just finished the wave of releases for SCE and Nighthaunt. So yeah, there were no huge reveals at Warhammer Fest, but that doesn't mean there won't be any at Nova or that there's nothing on the horizon for AoS. As someone who plays both 40k and AoS, I have been beyond happy with how the past year of releases has gone. Exercise a little patience and realize that GW has multiple systems and armies to support other than your specific one or two.
  3. Craptrain

    Generals Handbook = 1 style of play?

    True, but that doesn't mean that playing with points doesn't. My group plays a mixture of matched play and narrative games, but we generally use points for both as a means to help guide how we want the armies to shape up. To say that my group lacks social skills because we use points as a helpful (and speedy) method of crafting lists is completely off the mark. I just had a nice conversation with my opponent for tomorrow about our lists even though we're using points.
  4. Craptrain

    The 1k army project, are YOU in?

    Thank you! It's actually just Death World Forest, which is also what I used for the lighter green on the Plague Toads, the skin for the Chaos Spawn, Sayl's armor, and the pants of the Plague Ogres. It's kind of the unifying color in my army so I thought it would be appropriate for the base edges.
  5. Craptrain

    The 1k army project, are YOU in?

    Have some more progress on my Tamurkhan's Horde force. Just finished two squads of Plague ogres. Talk about fun models to paint! Each one is like a hero in their own right with the detail on each. I've been having too much fun painting this army and decided to expand it to 2k. This is now 780 points done, and I have Tamurkhan himself, Kazakh the Befouled, six Bile Trolls and another gigantic Chaos Spawn to get to 2k. I just wish forgeworld stuff arrived faster haha.
  6. Craptrain

    The 1k army project, are YOU in?

    More progress here. Finished Sayl and a Gigantic Chaos Spawn and based the Plague Toads. The spawn's base needs to be cleaned up a bit (was rushing since my newborn son was having a bit of a fit). I only realized it now after looking at the pictures haha.
  7. Craptrain

    Dryad Assembly Help

    You just kind of have to rely on the melting of the plastic caused by the plastic glue to make them fit properly. Try slowly rotating them shortly after gluing to fit the snuggest fit. Don't worry if it's not perfect, after painting it will look fine.
  8. Craptrain

    The 1k army project, are YOU in?

    Thank you! For the bases I'm going to be using spots of heavily applied Agrellan Badlands to create small little islands, and then use a very liberal coating of Nurgle's Rot for a putrid swamp aesthetic.
  9. Craptrain

    The 1k army project, are YOU in?

    I can finally show some progress! Here are three Daemon Plague Toads of Nurgle progressing nicely I think. Sorry if the photos are bad quality, I'm using my phone.
  10. Craptrain

    The future of compendium warscrolls

    I'm not sure I'm the one lacking empathy in this situation. You, in your original post, suggested that people should not be allowed to bring compendium armies because you beat them too easily and that's not fun for you. So rather than accepting in a single game that you get a free easy win and maybe a little less fun than usual, you want to bar them from the event, depriving them of X number of games and any fun whatsoever. It's a question of doing the least harm and your argument doesn't do that. I suggest you put yourself in the shoes of someone that poured them self into a Bret army, painstakingly painting each model to the best of their ability, only to be barred from a tournament because someone doesn't think their army is competitive enough. I've already said tournament organizers have the right to allow or disallow what they see fit, including compendium armies. I'm just saying your argument for doing so is (that playing against compendium armies lessens your personal fun) is not going to grow this hobby, create a community atmosphere, or make others want to play with you. I have no skin in this game, I own neither TK nor Brets. I just took umbrage with your post and casual dismissal of compendium players.
  11. Craptrain

    The future of compendium warscrolls

    It's a question of doing the least harm. Allowing noncompetitive armies (as you specified in your original post) hurts no one. You can play what you want. Others can play what they want. Everyone has fun. There's no reason your fun should be diminished by someone playing a fluffy or non-competitive list. Banning blatantly broken or overpowered combinations that had not been anticipated is a different story. Banning those helps everyone to a more balanced and fair environment. These are two VERY difference scenarios and if me seeing everyone have the most fun possible is "taking the moral high ground" then yeah, I'm taking the moral high ground.
  12. Craptrain

    The future of compendium warscrolls

    To me there would be nothing more frustrating than having an army that I spent days (or weeks) of my life assembling, basing, and painting barred from competition. It also sets the precedent of discouraging people from playing the less popular armies because, if in a few years Games Workshop retires them, then those armies face similar prospects of being barred from tournaments. The end of that slippery slope is a funneling of players into the more popular and more heavily updated forces, with reduces diversity on the table top. I'm no fan of the Tomb Kings of the Brets, but I know that some people truly do love those factions and want to be able to compete with them and I have no qualms playing against them. That being said, tournament organizers also have a responsibility to create a balanced and competitive environment for everyone involved. If a tournament organizer feels that compendium models are somehow damaging to the overall balance and competitive spirit of the tournament, it is their prerogative to ban them. Were I organizing a tournament, I probably wouldn't rely on outright bans as it seems fairly heavy-handed, but SCGT isn't my tournament. And @mmimzie, we really shouldn't be taking the attitude of trying to increase our own fun by diminishing the fun of others. It's not what we want to promote in this hobby. I could very easily take a completely noncompetitive new army list to a tournament and get rolled. Should my list be banned because its badness ruins your fun? That's a pretty indefensible position.
  13. Craptrain

    Black Knight base size?

    Yep, just pulled mine out to check. 60x35 is correct.
  14. Craptrain

    Nomad prince

    Excellent job! I love how the color of the icy water matches the hawk.
  15. Agreed wholeheartedly. My only point was in a one-to-one comparison (mostly because I'm starting a Tamurkhan army and the guy I play against most often runs The Glottkin pretty frequently).