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  1. Is there a petition or some kind of coordinated feed back for GW regarding Nurgle? Looking for a way to give constructive feedback regarding the imbalance within the Nurgle book itself . All of the top Nurgle warscrolls choices are using old out dated options like Chaos Knights, Marauder's, and Plague Monks in liu of all the new, characterful, and beautiful models/warscrolls.
  2. PBKs seem worse than ever with the -1 to hit debuffs from Death and Deepkin disabling they're special ability. Have people figured out a fix for this or is it just a difference in meta?
  3. Unfortunately you can't build the bear minimum requirements within 2k. The minimum 8 units of plaguebearers, 3 battalions and 2 100 point heralds is 1780 before you add the required single GUO.
  4. I respectfully disagree. No one needs to provide a specific match and battle report to discuss the concept of an ability exceeding an acceptable threshold. All other single source buffs debuffs stay within a range of 1 to 2. Yes you can go beyond that when you start combining things, but this also provides a tactical balance by having multiple conditions that a player needs to meet and protect to pull it off. The point I am trying to make is that a +3/-3 effectively removes the odds of rolling dice. Even this I would be willing to accept if it followed the normal balance of buffs/debuffs being stacked from multiple sources as this is not easily done or maintained. However, once you reach this level of dice roll modifiers through a single source with no pre conditions and protect it with a 2+ rerolling 1s, 4++, 6++ , healing and the ability to pass off wounds, it has a game breaking effect. Now we can dive into the math of how many wounds does it take to kill remove the bonus after Nagash rolls his saves and heals, etc. We can discuss which army has better tools or no tools to deal with it. All I am trying to say is that a +3/-3 single source , auto enabled, heavily protected dice modifier goes beyond the threshold of reasonable modifiers to make a game both enjoyable and tactical.
  5. This thread was only supposed to be about an automatic +3/-3 with 3 unbinds being game breaking. The only counter it's too put 7 wounds on Nagash and hope that he doesn't heal even one wound. Unless you have heavy range power that's an impossible task when Nagash has a 2+ rerolling 1s, a 4++, a 6++, can pass wounds on to Morghasts, and heals every turn. It is not the same as the other plus and minus casting abilities like lizardmen and it's impossible for the majority of armies to mitigate.
  6. Thank you! This what I meant when I started this topic. Auto casting and auto dispelling resulting in your opponent being completely removed from participating in a phase of the game. It makes for a very boring game.
  7. I agree, I have had the same experience.
  8. Can you provide some constructive criticism supporting your view ? I think you'll get a better response than if you post something like this.
  9. I'd have to agree. Pusgoyles are awful both in price point and design. Which is a shame because the models are beautiful and I had hoped they would be purchasing elite unit that delivered significant rend or mortal wounds without the aid of magic like other armies. Such as Morghasts, Fulminators, Kurnoth Hunters or Sky Fires.
  10. I highly recommend you test it out first. I think you will quickly find that it's not fun for you or you're opponent.
  11. I have had no luck avoiding the speed and offense of this list so far, but I am starting to think that a battalion ( for low drops to secure 1st turn and allow us to sit on the objective first) and a unit if blightkings with Gutrot Spume is the best option. Otherwise I haven't been able to spread out enough to avoid Nagash/Morghasts and i am not securing all the objectives early enough.
  12. I am sorry ? ... I agree with you though. Nurgle always finds a way ?
  13. I brought this combo to my last event and it did really well until I faced Nagash, 4 harbingers, 60 zombies, 20 wolves (I think there were 20, but I can't quite remember), 3 vargheists and a vampire on foot. The combo of Rotigus, plague Squall and the spell to turn the wheel to take advantage of the D3 units within 12" of each other take D3 mortals, worked really well against Khorne and Fyreslayers. Unfortunately with Nagash I was only able to get two turns outside of dispel range with Rotigus , and doing mortal wounds to Nagash requires an overwhelming number of mortal wounds. The problem is Nagash has 5++, 6++ vs mortals and he consistently heals wounds. Also his movement spell that can't be stopped let's him move over 20" to help his unbind bubble and against normal wounds he has a 2+ rerolling 1s because you can't stop him from casting mystic shield.
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