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  1. Well being a former English major I didn't do any math either but my daughter loves to play with dice so we did some practical emulations. We did 20 battle rounds for a 5 person unit with each weapon loadout, assuming empower successfully cast, and attacking first in combat in order to get a full 10 dice for their mortal wound ability. Each unit was assumed to be attacking an enemy with a 4+ save. The Grandstave unit beat the Stave and Sword version 16 average wounds to 14 average wounds.
  2. What is the community ideal on how to build out foot slogging Evocators with regards to grandstaves? All staves? Mix of staves and sword/stormstaves? Or does the extra attack and rend outweigh the extra flat damage from the granstaves? I have two boxes ready to build and wanted to think it through before assembly. I also already have a 5 man unit of the ones from the Soul Wars box. Thanks in advance for the advice.
  3. Haha good point, I did include him in the list as you can see, even though I forgot him in my mental inventory of what I use from the Starter Box. Also I prefer to use my limited hobby time to build my kits without converting so yes if you have the time to make or hunt down materials to convert then have at it. The suggestions on the Liberator box are solid though, lots of good bits for converting other figures for folks with the time, talent, and patience. For the points level he is talking I still think a Start Collecting Box or two plus some judicators is a great start. Pick up a Relictor off Ebay or somewhere until they decide to sell him separately along with another character or so, like the Lord Castellant, Knight Heraldor, or Venator. Fulminators are awesome also, I run two units of two in my 2k list.
  4. I agree with blueshirtman. I use none of the Stormcast models from the AOS starter box. I bought the box set to get back into fantasy stuff and thought it would be a good deal. I quickly learned that I preferred none of the options for the models in that box and quickly sold everything but the Lord Celestant on Dracoth. Although he is good I have yet to use him in a list. The start collecting box is a good deal even though you won't have much use for the starter box style push fit paladins. The prosecutor and liberator kits are full kits in that box however so you will have the grandhammer etc. and all the options. Here is a 1,000 pt list I used in a small narrative tournament, pretty easy to play and effective except against mortal wounds lol. I went 3-1 with the only lost to a Tzeentch demon list and even then I think I screwed up by moving on the first turn and may have had a chance. I beat a maggotkin force in a close win and crushed a Kharadron Overlords and whatever undead army has blood knights as battleline. Lord Castellant (Warlord, Staunch Defender) -100 Lord Relictor -80 (Chariot Prayer) Knight Venator - 120 Knight Azyros - 80 10 Liberators w/ hammer and shield, 2 grandhammers - 200 5 Judicators w/ bows - 160 5 Judicators w/ bows- 160 3 Prosecutors with Javelins - 100 Just castle up for the buff, screen with the Liberators then shoot up your enemies. Use the Relictor prayer to seize objectives and throw the odd heal or hit debuff if in range. The extra 250 could buy him even more shooting and screening like some more Judicators or Vanguard Raptors or outflanking in the form of hunters. I find they are much better in lower pts value games. I believe Ben Johnson won some 1k pt tourney with an all Vanguard army when they first launched.
  5. I have run a similar list with success, but after a few games I changed the Lord Relictors blessing to lightning chariot for more reliability of a first turn drop for the Hammerstrike. The perfect setup situation is obviously some LOS blocking cover for the prosecutors and relictor to hide behind or take the first turn. Unless your opponent is castled way back you should be able to chariot the prosecutors up to 9" of your target and unload the paladin fury in his face. The threat range of 36" chariot move (24" for the chariot combined with deploying all the way forward 12") should put them in a makeable charge range first turn.
  6. Seems to vary by the competition and format as to how many Vanguard Raptor Longstrikes. I am also working on a Stardrake/Aetherstrike list with 6 Longstrikes as the "designated battalion shooter". In playing around with the points I was wondering if there is any worth to plussing up the required Aetherwing units to 6? Has anyone tried this yet and if so, does it help hold up enemy units longer or does it buy you about 1 turn of blocking no matter what? Interested in either experience or theory, thanks.
  7. I am playing a similar list this Sunday in our local event, I will let you know how it goes. I went a bit bigger in the Hammerstrike than you, kind of a go big or go home idea. The plan is to drop them as close to the biggest target or mass of troops possible with hopefully the Castellant to buff them the next turn. The liberators form a shield wall in front of the judicators, the relictor, and the vexillor, aiming to hold an objective depending on the scenario. The Venator freelances and doubles down on the target of the judicators or the paladins as needed to finish it off. Second or third turn the Vexillor can pick up the strongest paladin unit left and dump them either on an objective with the prosecutors peeling back to assist or attempt to slam them into another high value target. Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals Leaders Knight Vexillor (140) - Standard of the Stormbringer - Treasured Standard: Lichebone Standard Knight Venator (120) - Artefact: Luckstone Lord Castellant (100) - General - Trait: Staunch Defender - Stormcast Eternals Lord Relictor (80) - Prayer: Bless Weapons Battleline 5 x Judicators (160) - Skybolt Bows 5 x Judicators (160) - Skybolt Bows 10 x Liberators (200) - Warhammers and shields Units 10 x Paladin Retributors (440) - 4x Starsoul Mace 10 x Paladin Protectors (400) - 4x Starsoul Mace 3 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins (80) - 1x Stormsurge Trident Battalions Hammerstrike Force (120) Total: 2000/2000
  8. I live in Charlottesville, VA here in the US. I play at my local game store mostly. They have two full time tables set up and can field up to 10 tables for events. They are also open late so it is possible to play after work on a weekday. Our AOS community is growing, we had 8 folks at our first tournament last Sunday.
  9. From squinting at the White Dwarf images I have seen it doesn't look like the major big bad teleporting battalions (Warrior Brotherhood, Skyborne Slayers) can be part of these warrior chamber mega battalions. I was looking at the hammers of sigmar one since I painted my stormcast in that color scheme. I know it's cheesy but I love the gold look so much! First time I ever painted an army like the box or codex. So maybe it won't be so bad as they will be limited to Vexillor teleporting or the other minor teleporting battalions like Hammerstrike. Not that these are crappy, but not the whole army teleports at least. Anyone with a white dwarf in hand able to verify?
  10. Greetings All, I have a 1500 pt event (1,000 pt unit restrictions) in January. I play Stormcast Eterenals and was planning on using the Skyborne Slayers battalion as the core of my force. I also considered the Warrior Brotherhood, but I think Skyborne gives me the option to have more heroes at this point level in case I get Place of Power as the mission. This is the list I play tested last Friday against an Ironjawz Ironfist battalion with a mawcrusha, two warchanters, two ardboyz units, and two brute units. We rolled the escalation battle plan. Skyborne Slayers - 140 Lord Celestant - 100 Lord Celestant on Dracoth - 220 Knight Venator - 120 10 Liberators - 200 10 Judicators - 320 5 Decimators - 200 5 Protectors - 200 I went first and dropped them around the middle objective but had them a bit too clumped up to get off good charges. There was some building terrain around the middle and only my decimators were able to charge one of his brute units. One big thing I did wrong was keeping the Lord on Dracoth too far back. I didn't want him to get charged first so he didn't get into combat till the 3rd turn. I forgot to use quite a few things like the dracoth breath and the lord celestant's command ability. At the end of the game I lost 6 to 4. It was a bit of a bloodbath with only my Lord on Dracoth, and my Knight Venator left standing. The IronJawz player had his mawcrusha, both chanters and one unit of brutes. Any tips for how to better drop the battalion or suggested list tweaks? Thanks for looking.
  11. Greetings, Long time WFB and 40k player since the hardcover Realm of Chaos and Rogue Trader days re-joining the fold. I suffered from cool model syndrome in my previous time with Games Workshop so despite playing for many years I only had one playable Army of 2000pts or so, my Orc and Night Goblin horde. The rest of my collection were various units from just about every army but brettonians. In 2010 after not playing or painting for six years I sold off my entire collection with this thought. If I start playing again, I am going to want all new stuff anyways right? So, after using the profits to put a down payment on a new house I haven't missed a thing, except for my Blood Bowl teams. I started playing 40k last year and then was lured to try Age of Sigmar by the Generals Handbook and Duncan's painting tutorials for the starter box. I couldn't resist those gold and blue stormcast, which have been amazingly fun to paint. I currently have 2k worth of Stormcast and am trying to decide on a second force to collect. My gut tells me to make an all night goblin horde so I can get all my squigs and fanatics back, but a Tzeentch demon army is a close second right now. I have only played three games so far but am going to enter my local tourney in January. I am enjoying reading the forums here and hope to contribute in the future. Cheers
  12. I have a 1500 pt event coming up in January and was also considering either the Warrior Brotherhood or Skyborne Slayers. With the slightly lower numbers for the Slayers I am leaning towards them so I can field 3 heroes in case I draw the Places of Power mission. Below is my initial thought list that I will get to play test this Friday. Leaders: Lord Celestant on Dracoth (220) Lord Celestant (100) Knight Venator (120) Units: 5 Liberators (100) · Hammers and Shields, Grand hammer 5 Liberators (100) · Hammers and Shields, Grand blade 5 Judicators (160) · Skybolt bows, Shockbolt bow 5 Judicators (160) · Skybolt bows, Shockbolt bow 5 Decimators (200) · 2 Starsoul Maces 5 Protectors (200) · 2 Starsoul Maces Battalion: Skyborne Slayers (140)
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