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  1. On Facebook some people complained about the lack of faction focus for Greenskinz and both answers were really positive, like "They are and will keep being part of the Mortal Realms and the game". One guy even ask if they get the Bretonnian treatment, which was denied. So, I am not super positive, but I am also not all too negative.
  2. I don't think that BCR have to worry (I play them too). They will get some kind of update. They need it. GW tries to balance a little bit and does not want to ****** off players too much (I think they have proven that), though obviously certain factions always get a bonus.
  3. At this point we just have to wait and see. But one thing is a major win for us: Shooting out of combat is banned! That means that we can now strategically engange shooting units to block them from shooting on our most important units. Great stuff. I reckon (but don't know) that chargers will go first. If so, that would be a major win for us too.
  4. Cheers friends, yesterday I uploaded a battle report, the battle of the bosses. It's Moonclan vs Ironjawz!
  5. Quick opening remark: The colder regions come with them. BCR are running from the Everwinter. For a big beast I would recommend magnetizing the head. You can even magnetize the saddle but that is too much for me. If Thundertusk, then Huskard for the extra abilities you don't get with riders. Stonehorn is awesome but can die quickly.
  6. Before GH 2017 I initiated a general feedback topic here which was then send to GW. It was definitely taken into consideration and we saw many or most of the things suggested happen. I am saying this because I think that this topic will be taken into consideration as well. I personally suggest, as last time, to update the first post by you, @Malakree when some kind of results are achieved. If we send the thing to GW then they will see everything in one list. Other than that, I think I don't have much to add. Problems are obvious. I also want to emphasize my strong interest in crossbow Ardboyz. They could even use the old Ruglund's models.
  7. Thanks a lot. Much appreciated. It's a lot of work, so if people enjoy it's what we do it for. Yes, we will try to upload one ever 2 weeks. That seems like an achievable goal. We will also have both 40k and AoS. I myself have more fun with AoS tbh but my buddies are a bit more into 40k...
  8. Thanks. I'm glad you ejoyed it. Visual Info is always a pain to put in, because it takes so much time inserting many little titles. As most batreps do it without, I probably won't do it either, or just very limited to some things. However, thanks for the feedback!
  9. I thought I could mention that I started a youtube channel with battlereports for 40k and AoS. I have just recently uploaded one in which I play with my Palefacez against Stormcast: Ironjawz vs Stormcast Battle Report
  10. There is a bit about that in the Beastclaw Raiders book. They see Gorkamorka more like a great Hunter.
  11. Thanks. Just did it. It was a PLEASURE to slaughter them...
  12. I only saw this now, sorry. I used Army painter colors. Base color is Necrotic Flesh, a nurgly bright green. I wash it with Green Tone. Then I mix Necrotic Flesh with some Goblin Green and some white and start layering.
  13. Kharadron Overlords obviously was not strong enough game-wise. They didn't want to have the same problem again.
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