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  1. Aryann

    The Rumour Thread

    In the nova preview at warhammer community they joke about some of the team staying in order to keep squigs from taking over.
  2. Aryann

    Rethinking the Grand Alliances

    I think factions look far more interesting if you look at them without the Grand Alliance shade they are in. Daughters of Khaine - an army of bloodthirsty women that hate Chaos but would you really dare to ally with them? Idoneth Deepkin - weird fish folk that seem to aid Sigmar from time to time but what truly is their goal? Sounds better than "those good elves that aren't really good".
  3. Aryann

    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    Just've seen the Aquaman trailer. There's a lot of cool stuff that might easily fit Idoneth Deepkin. Sea monsters, sea people, cool sceneries.
  4. Aryann

    The Rumour Thread

    Do you know what's for the rest of 2018? Moonclan moved to 2019?
  5. Aryann

    The Rumour Thread

    @LLV already proved to be reliable.
  6. Aryann

    The Rumour Thread

    I'd love if they made modular terrain for AoS. I'm probably asking too much but would be great if it wasn't just "sigmarite this", "sigmarite that" ot chaos war structure like. Can you imagine releases like "Orruk settlement", "Shyish temples" "Ghyran Swamps"? I'm currently really terrain interested. Partially I will do it myself like hills, but want to buy Sigmarite Mausoleum as well.
  7. Aryann

    The Rumour Thread

    I really, really advice GW that Blizzard games are the last source to get inspirations from. Since WoW or Warcraft 3 all their games look worse (design, colors, blocks, little kids graphics) than unicorn excrements. NO.
  8. Aryann

    The Rumour Thread

    I can imagine GW making endless spells for Kharadrons, Khorne and other non-magical factions if they just aren't lazy. Call them differently, change a bit the rules of casting and unbinding and there you have it.
  9. Aryann

    The Rumour Thread

    Nonsense. This is the most important thread here that works better than any other place in the internet. We have several people that share info that later turns out to be true and which I greatly value. No images or links policy isn't smart but still we have people we can trust by word.
  10. Aryann

    The Rumour Thread

    Only battletome? Looks like a lost opportunity not to add new models and endless spells.
  11. Aryann

    The Rumour Thread

    I think that we might be seeing batch 2 for some factions rather sooner than later due to endless spells. At first, when they previewed the box with a book I thought "that's it. maybe we will see more spells in a year". But then GW released 3 endless spells for Stormcasts and Nighthaunt. I think, that GW will push this new mechanic across most battletome factions and they will do it fast as long as they (endless spells) are still fresh and interesting. And if they release faction spells for Ironjawz and Sylvaneth I bet they will want to do it with a new battletome and new minis. So I think we might be seeing quite a lot, maybe not this year, but next year certainly.
  12. Aryann

    The Rumour Thread

    What are your expectations for this year's GenCon? As much as I'd love to see some new minis I don't hype myself too much. It's probably still too early for anything new but if the rumours were true, and they are lately, we are still two factions short for this year and that would be a perfect event for that. But still I'd rather expect something small, like 1 new unit per GA.
  13. Aryann

    Time to go digital.

    In my opinion you should get the digital copy free if you bought physical book. It is way too steep to treat them as seperate products. I can't imagine myself ever paying for digital if I bought paper battletome. Also, it is GW business to keep all the rules clear and available to everyone.
  14. If you ask me, I'd say AoS needs minis expansions for all battletome factions except Stormcasts in order they were released. Batch 1 for Ironjawz and Fyreslayers.
  15. Since AoS 2.0 main book gives us a description of the Realms, we received special rules, artifacts for battles taking place in certain Realms and suggestions of making Realm Themed Armies in AoS Podcast I wonder if GW is planning on releasing some kind of "Realm Customization Boxes". Boxes with tiny bits that represent each Realm like Ghyran would have lots of branches and caterpillars while Aqshy would contain flames and any sort of fiery inhabitants. Small bits that could be attached to bases or on the shoulder, back of minis. I can also imagine normal size models that might become part of scenery. Or even models with their own rules like endless spells. Would you be interested in these boxes?