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  1. It seems that God forbade advertising AoS.
  2. The more they force WarCry over AoS the more adverse towards it I become.
  3. You can say that Underworlds is AoS as well using these criteria. How many of you use Shadespire / Underworlds models in your 2k points armies? Don't have to answear. I read lists/builds in various topics across all GA. Close to none is that answear.
  4. They should show something more than Sylvaneth. Video game companies usually show something extra if their planned presentation has leaked. Next battletome is highly expected. And WarCry is NOT AoS.
  5. Do rules regarding setting up a Wyldwood (1" away from opponent's territory) refer only to the FIRST FREE Wyldwood that we put before the battle or to all next WW as well (set up by verdant blessing, acorn,...)?
  6. In the allegiance section regarding Glades there is a mention that you can create your own Glade. Is this just for narrative play or is there a table of CA, artefacts, skills we can choose from to create one?
  7. I held back so long because I couldn't decide how do I want to base it. I gathered some old bark and burs from my garden to glue them to the bases. Need to move my ass. Vesperal Gem on Branchwraith means guaranteed 50 dryads by the 5th round if you can keep her alive. Nice. Edit. My bad. Only lore of D.
  8. Thx for suggestions. I'm not fancy in buying another TLA though. Wonder if you see possibilities for Alarielle with magic heavy build since I already own her (plus, Drycha, TLA, TL, Durthu, Arch-Revenant). I made a lot of effort with my Alarielle. She has to be on the battlefield. Every. Single. Game. 😉
  9. Does anybody have a suggestion on good "similar to Gnarlwood" build with the new battletome leaks? I mean magic heavy build? I doubt that some tables refer to "treelords" as they don't share same keywords. But maybe it states "table X is for TLA and SOD".
  10. Actually I also run Khorne Bloodbound army only and I am really satisfied with latest battletome. 😋
  11. I've just quickly ran through all the changes. For a person who played Gnarlwood Wargrove it's hard to comment without swearing. I'm not sure how to name what Gnarlwood was changed into now? From my perspective most of the things I cared about was changed for worse. As if this army needed any nerfs. Biggest disappointment in AoS so far I guess. I see how people running dreadwood are happy with the changes but my playstyle seems no longer supported. It will take some work to adapt to new battletome. Don't like it at first glance. 😔
  12. I hold to my opinion that ID and DoK will be the last to receive Endless Spells because it will be a release as always combined with a battletome. They can't do that now or they will ****** people off since the last battletomes are only 1 year old.
  13. Me and my friend I play most of the games are both at the pretty same level regarding AoS. Nevertheless no matter how hard he tries to beat me with his Ironjawz he loses games against my Sylvaneth, Nighthaunt and Khorne armies. It's not his fault, it's Ironjawz to be worse due to older battletome. Also I don't take pleasure from beating him. We have 50:50 winning ratio when he brings his Chaos mix army. It can't be a coincidence. What I'm trying to say is that current "army power" is of high importance. I'm sure that if he played DoK or FEC I'd be on the losing side. That's why I would distinguish firendly play from tournament play. I understand that the point of participating at a tournament is winning, thus you bring the best you can with you. However, when playing firends "just for fun" (do not confuse with narrative games) i think we should look for the most balanced play so that all sides are satisfied. In our games with Ironjawz in play we started testing some points adjustments so that we both feel equal.
  14. We've had this kind of conversation several times and a few people misunderstand the problem. Especially dividing people into to groups - tournament players vs total noobs. There are all kinds of shades between these two. I guess most of the people are somewhere in the middle. They don't want to run lists consisting of 120 same models and two heroes that at the moment are perceived as the perfect builds for a given army, nor they want to play with made up rules/handicaps/... To be honest for me a person who plays currently the strongest army (DoK,FEC...) with the most powerful list observed from the internet is playing with an aid. It's like admitting you need help to take an advantage. I have no experience in AoS tournaments but I've been to quite a few card games tournaments. At my local shop half the people were playing the same, most powerful deck. Playing against them was comparable to cleaning floor with a toothbrush - that kind of fun. Yeah, those decks won most of the time. Was it thanks to the players using them? Only partially. That was the reason I stopped coming there. Don't be a handicaped guy who needs a bigger gun than his mates to play at the same level. Especially if it's not a tournament.
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