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  1. I would keep current design. Armies like Sylvaneth, Idoneth, Kharadron Overlords, Nighthaunt, Kurnothi, Gloomspite Gitz, Ossiarch Bonereapers are what I expect from Warhammer right now. With all the respect - I can't imagine something more boring like reanimating Bretonnia, an unoriginal faction of conmon knights and soldiers. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of AoS for me. Brand new armies with al lot of details even among basic troops making them look like heroes. It's a joy to paint and look at them.
  2. For the Kurnothi, we’ve had our first look at what seems to be a brand new race in the Mortal Realms… For me that's enough to believe Kurnothi will get their own army. They wouldn't get a place in a new Beastgrave box as well if they weren't planned for something bigger.
  3. Warband I'm so far least interested in. 😊
  4. They are being silent with CoS and Orruk battletomes as if they were ashamed of them. Maybe they should? (no new models, even spells or terrain)
  5. To be honest I'm ok with that. I'm the kind of prrson that buys a lot of in advance whenever I see something interesting and discounted. I still have more or less 2k points of unopened boxes of Kharadron Overlords, Idoneth Deepkin and Gloomspite Gitz each. It goes even worse with video games. Since I can only spend time on my hobbies between 8 pm and 10 pm few days a week it takes many months to finish painting an army. Bonereapers are too fresh for Battleforce imo. If I were to guess - Nurgle, Nighthaunt, Slaanesh and Gloomspite have the highest chances this year.
  6. Great job with Bonereapers. Now just waiting for a larger box. I don't like starting an army outside of start collecting, battleforce or dual boxes.
  7. Sorry but this is just... well for me it's pathetic. If Khorne and Fyreslayers received their "Endless Spells" there is much more sense that CoS and Orruks received them in the first place. Lazy release. My firend playing Ironjawz sure will be dissapointed.
  8. Are we sure or is this just an assumption?
  9. Fair point but I don't think that it was most important for GW to consider. I'd lean more towards creating original, not seen before concepts and maybe IP rights.
  10. I wasn't comparing old Deathrattle Skeletens with old Deathratlle Skeletons. I was comparing both of them vs Ossiarch. The other (round bases) are better, yet still much worse than new Ossiarch infrantry IMHO. The amount of detail and overall quality of the sculpts are waaay better in what OBR have to offer. I wish GW did the same with basic infrantry of DoK and GG - I mean, don't mix new and old models to create new/updated faction. The gap is too huge but you are free to have your own opinion.
  11. Orpheon Katakros reminds me of 300's Xerxes.
  12. I compare them because with Bonereapers on the horizon we have very little chance of another Skeleton army in AoS (GW themselves called them Skeletons on warhammer-community). Thus, they are THE PRESENT SKELETONS. No Deathrattle update happening, I'm pretty sure. Too similar.
  13. I pointed exactly at old Skeletons Warriors. Nobody uses Sepulchar Guard as their battleline but many use Skeleton Warriors. It's like with forced old battleline with case of Stabbas for GG or Witch Elves for DoK, which I mentioned... +++ MOD EDIT +++
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