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  1. I still struggle whether or not to make a whole 2k of Clan Skyre but my collection of minis seems incomplete without them. At least I would like to have Thanquol, Stormfiends and a Doomwheel. Great minis.
  2. Do you have a playable (not tournament but good enough) list to use with 2x Broken Realms boxes? So 6 Stormfiends, 2 Warplighting Cannons and 1 Bombardier (2 is probably too much)?
  3. Good point. A discounted box of 2 Hearthguard Berzerkers and a hero would help a little. They could really use a battleforce box. But it won't happen probably. 2x berzerkers, lizard, vulkites and 1 small hero.
  4. I really don't need those Skaven, right? 😑
  5. A bald one probably. He will be powerful
  6. That I know but will it be a good one?
  7. @Ganigumo Yes of course, but it doesn't justify Alarielle's overpriced warscroll. GW must either adjust her points or her warscroll to be a valuable and playable model.
  8. If you all tell he is unplayable over 500 points I'm curious what kind of wonders will gw make with Alarielle to make her playable at 600 points... Ok, many of you gave good examples but he is far from being bad. I'm sure he will be feared when faced. One good charge of his will win games.
  9. And what if Kragnos walks around your chaff, deals 15 mw to your crucial unit, then deals 15 more to another 3" away? And then comes his friends and finish the job? GG turn 1. Of course it might turn differently and he will be stuck fighting with some blobs. But maybe he will basically destroy 1/3 of your army turn 1 if he charges where he wanted to.
  10. I don't know, correct me, but how do you see taking him down? Don't tell me you don't have to and chaff is enough. 10" movement is far from bad. Not having flying might hurt from time to time but most of the time he will wipe out other centerpieces or elites. No allegiance? In my opinion he doesn't need any with such a save and damage output. If somebody deserves the name of one man army it is him. It's my opinion off course and you are welcome to think otherwise.
  11. I see your point but then again he is superior in combat than probably anything else? He can one shot most units this games had to offer and withstand them. I mean charge + his attacks is like 25 wounds a turn?
  12. Limited to killing everything that moves
  13. Any number below 1000 points for him is probably a misunderstanding. He's pretty much unkillable and kills everything else. Save for some spam competitive lists with tons of mortal wounds.
  14. Hi, I see this new broken realms box for Skavens. Easy to assume it will contain stormfiends. Can somebody please support me with a playable list that contains: Thanquol and/or Verminking or something from his multi kit Stormfiends but not in spam quantities (2-3 units) Bombardier These are really cool models and I want to see what is it needed to play then. Thanks!
  15. Yeah, I think so. You should easily sell Drycha alone. I have Drycha, 15 Spite Rev and 10 Tree Rev. I don't need more of these models but I'm looking forward to battalion and maybe warscroll improvements.
  16. If they removed inspiring presence it might be a thing. Currently battleshock phase has only little impact on the game. I can't recall one game in the last year on my side that I cared for battleshock phase.
  17. "Warsong Revenants are consummate all-rounders who make fantastic additions to all Sylvaneth armies. As well as possessing the ability to enhance the Bravery of friendly units while reducing that of your enemies " Just when you expect a strong support for the army that is considered the weakest you get a guy who buffs bravery. Not to hit, to wound, to save but a +1 to bravery. That will for sure help Sylvaneth jump on top of the ladder.
  18. It might be the time that we need to jump between those services. You know, May with netflix, cancel, June with Hbo Max, cancel, July with Warhammer+...
  19. I'm really surprised about the lack of excitement regarding Warhammer+. I thought that for Warhammer geeks like us it is like a Christmas gift we always wanted. And the animations look really good.
  20. GW either has great plans for Warhammer+ or they were really afraid that netflix might demand some changes in their shows. It wouldn't be the first tv show that was twisted with netflix enrichment.
  21. Too early to tell. I'd say they look ok.
  22. This trailer. So beautiful. So dark. So... Pure. No nonsense. Just Warhammer. I'm so impressed that they resisted the temptation to netflixize it, at least in the trailer. If GW is really going down this path you have a faithful subscriber.
  23. Judging by her face expression, I'd say that our new chaos lady has already achieved that and many other things. She's not easily intimidated...
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