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  1. I haven't watched the stream but from what you say I'm not sure if I like that change (grouping forces under larger labels). It's not wrong but I liked the idea that a person doesn't need 100+ figures to feel his army complete as there are only a few Fyreslayers units. Now if they are going to release "Duardin Battletome" it will cover factions that could have existed on their own. What's more I believe that could have pushed designers further as they wanted to create complete and distinctive duardin clans. Now one clan will be resposible for artillery, second for runes, last one for berzerkers or any other way. I mean - it would be bad to have 1-2 more figures released for Fyreslayers and that's all. I'd rather see Fyreslayers, Steamhead and Dispossessed each to have equal number of miniatures that can really work without mixing them eachother up.
  2. Well, I'll pass on that. From such a major revamp of Warhammer world I expect more than reboxing old factions and I say that even though High Elves were my favourite Warhammer FB faction (especially in Warhammer Invasion LCG). Glad that some people here are happy though. I personally am waiting for some new Elves.
  3. Same here. I hoped for a total revamp of Elf factions. That would be disappointing especialy with End Times story that really shook Elves' relations.
  4. Month ago I'd say Sylvaneth vs anything. Right now I would be more than happy to know that Duardin vs new Grots are having their starter set. Almost certainly I'd take Light Elves vs dark elves if such appear.
  5. So Sylvaneth from my wife. Need to find a way to get Stormcasts as well.
  6. Have fun. http://natfka.blogspot.com/2016/11/leaked-images-of-premium-start.html?m=1
  7. I agree with your critics. No support - no interest - no sells. If they make dozens of factions they all should be supported. I for sure don't want AoS to follow 40k with their Space Marines obsession. It must be just boring to see 30% of people to play almost identical armies. Hope they don't go the same with Stormcasts. On the other hand I'm pretty happy with Sylvaneth premium box wich for sure is my Christmass gift.
  8. I only wished it wasn't another instance of "X vs. Stormcast". Like Stormcast needed more options... That post tells everything. I'm glad we get something new for AoS but on the other hand I'm not sure if I need to paint more Stormcasts. If it was Tzeentch against anything else I wouldn't have any doubts.
  9. I wonder if polish GW shop will offer any black friday deals as there is not really any black friday sales tradition in Poland.
  10. I think it would be wise if GW just made interesting spoilers of things to come. I know they sometimes do but clearly that's not enough. For some time I was even considering if they didn't kill AoS because of no news/rumours/releases. Come on it's not national secret what race they are to introduce in coming months. Or at least an info: look for new AoS releases in January.
  11. Now that you mention, they'va banned me once as well. Don't know why to be honest. Thought my comment was abusing by when I read the reasons they'd kicked you everything is possible.
  12. Couldn't heard nothing better if that's true. Regarding mega bundles - I don't care if they are boring or not. If those minis come at a 60% price than if I bought them seperetely they are interesting enough for me. Sylvaneth mega box - I'm in. If they made it like Alliances mega boxes - like let's say 33% SE 33% Sylvaneth 34% Fyreslayers I probably wouldn't be interested. I like to keep things unmixed.
  13. http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2016/11/40k-rumors-december-releases.html So we have 8 mega bundles coming to 40k and AoS. If they are splitted even than we have 4 boxes for AoS sadly. Two are an easy guess - sc and bloodbound. I'd say Sylvaneth and Ironjawz left.
  14. Not impressed. Looks too similar to other stormcasts and by that they are becoming the army of clones. Adding a staff and cloak is not enough. Even army of trees looks more diverse.
  15. That kind of distinction is really troublesome. How could you tell which factions are the main ones and which are only for the fluff? Especially when Fyreslayers receive their battletome long before any of the Aelfs? It was one of the first AoS factions so I expected them to play an important role. And what about Beastclaw Raiders? Thats a major faction, small or something in between? They had rather made that clear. It would save many bad emotions and disappointments for many players.
  16. I can imagine other factions to sell better if they received as many updates. Perhaps some armies are omitted by players because they are afraid those factions are dead and won't be seeing any updates soon.
  17. I'm truly disappointed with more Stormcasts even though I own an army of them myself. Don't really like the situation where there is priviliged army which will get 3x more models than the others. I mean it's ridiculous - it's a strategy game at it's core. It's supposed to be well balanced and it won't be when one army has much more building options than the other. If they want to give individual models instead of introducing new army there are certainly armies that need them more than Stormcasts - Fyreslayers mostly, followed by Ironjawz. That's the biggest thing that pushes me from 40k miniatures - the space marines all over the place. Grey Knights, Ultramarines, Deathwatch, Blood Angels - for me that's a one faction and it doesn't deserve to be put in every single box. I might have even bought one of those boxes - Death Masque for Eldar or Overkill for Genesteallers but why the other faction is always Space Marines which I truly dislike? I played a lot of board and card games set in 40k but they were nowhere as rewarded as in 40k miniatures.
  18. Honestly I don't care for this initiative but if it's good for the community than it's good for GW than it's good for AoS than it's good for me. I'm only interested in new yet unrevealed models.
  19. This is a tremendous news. I'm very delighted to hear that. I was a little worried due to lack of news for AoS and that was something I was waiting for. If you can tell anything else please do. Dwarfs you mean steamhead or regular?
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