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  1. I love them! They totally fit in with the khornate feel. I kinda wanna get that overhead axe guy myself now.
  2. Okay we have a simple solution to all this whining which is happening again. If you wanna play in a tournament/ competitive setting, dont bring khorne. If you dont care, bring khorne. Simple! Can we go back to not whinging again? We had a really good week before FAQ and now its all rushing back. No one needs to fight, and no one's opinions are solid fact. We need to band together on this. Ill start us off. What does everyone think of the Skulltaker? I love him since hes an absolute beast in combat and Id even go as far as to say hes one of if not the best non monster combat character in the game! Lemme hear those opinions!
  3. 🎶 When you try your best but you don't succeed... 🎶 Genuinely though, I'm surprised that there isn't any outrage at all! Cannon spam isn't very thematic anyway so I'm glad that its been nerfed.
  4. Just going to wait for all the salt to come pouring into this thread again from the Wrathmonger nerf. Anyone got any popcorn? 😂
  5. Whats the consensus on chaos chosen? They look like they can really pack a punch but I get the feeling there are other things you can spend your points on.
  6. Absolutely not in my opinion. We have a lot of tools including StD, its just about finding something that works. Even if the book were designed to lose, thats a good thing! It makes us a challenging army to play and if you play it right, you become a stronger player in general.
  7. So I've been thinking (dangerous I know🤣), wheres the best place for our skull altar in all 3 deployment types? Personally I like the "as close to the centre of the board as possible" route for all 3. Whats everyone else's opinions?
  8. If only I knew that in the game I just played! Thank you so much for the info!
  9. I actually just played a game against Arkhan so I can tell you right now that the skulls absolutely cripple death (managed to make Nagash forget Hand of Dust!). He will have to keep Arkhan 16" away from your Skull Altar, so plop that right down in the middle of the board for best coverage. Yeah unfortunately he can bring back a unit that has died of his, so maybe just kill the unit of 20 for points scoring. How many priests you running? 2 will be a safe bet for output and making sure the skulls are babysat.
  10. Alright lads! So with a new tome having been released, I've managed to catch the painting bug again! This time I want to focus on getting all 2000pts of my Khorne army completely finished. Recently picked up the Skulltaker, Tome, Judgments, Skull Altar, and Warscroll Cards upon release, and painted up the Skulltaker as soon as I primed him. Such a fun model to paint! Current list of stuff that needs painting: - 2 Slaughterpriests - 1 Bloodthirster - 9 Mighty Skullcrushers (Only have 3 atm so will be saving those till I get the other 6, by far my favourite models!) - 10 Flesh Hounds (Still need to buy these) - 1 Bloodstoker - 30 Bloodletters (Still need 10 more) - Wrath Axe, Hexgorger Skulls, and Skull Altar Heres hoping I dont get any painters block or lose that painting streak! Thanks to all of you who pop by and have a look at what I have, and will paint!
  11. Against death I can help. Kill Arkhan ASAP. Spam all your blood boils, wrath axes, and get into combat quickly with him. As soon as hes dead the army will struggle. You can kill the skeletons but for 1CP they can bring back a unit of 40. The zombie dragon is the hammer, so either smack it with chaff/anvil or deal with it the same way as Arkhan.
  12. Im glad youre sticking with the best god! Solidarity through bloodshed and all One thing we all have to remember is the more we all play with our armies, the better we will become at playing khorne in general. After about 3 months of play eventually youll understand what tactics you can use in game to mitigate weaknesses from the book. Overall, from a semi-competitive standpoint, I feel the tome is exactly where it needs to be. Nothing is blatantly overpowered and nothing is totally bad (except reavers... those can just go in the bin in my opinion XD). With enough hard work we can make our enemies tremble for this is our path of skulls!
  13. I actually havent had this issue when Ive run the 9 in games other than getting the bloodstoker in range of whipping past 2nd turn, which by then I dont really mind as I most likely will have gotten a charge with them. I can agree with the statements people are making though as there are much better units to take than 6 or 9 Skullcrushers (540 is a lot of points you can use), but being my favourite unit im going to keep them in my list. Rule of cool and all!
  14. Thanks for the input! Man thats a real bummer about your opinion on the Skullcrushers, they were the unit I wasnt willing to change since theyre my favourate unit and the unit of 9 has done so well in my practice games! Ill try dropping them to 6 to practice for competitive games which I rarely play (I prefer semi-competitive where I use sub optimal stuff sometimes) and probably replace them with the 10 Warriors for a Bloodletter or Thirster screen/objective camping, or 10 more Hounds to fit in the Murderhost and some more speed in the list. Gotta thank you again though, your input has been invaluable!
  15. So lads and laddies, I feel I might be on the way to coming up with my finalised list! Here goes: Allegiance: Khorne- Slaughterhost: Reapers of VengeanceMortal Realm: GhurLeadersSkulltaker Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage - General- Trait: Mage Eater - Artefact: Amberglaive Slaughterpriest - Artefact: Skullshard Mantle - Blood Blessing: Bronzed FleshSlaughterpriest - Blood Blessing: Killing FrenzyBloodstoker Battleline9 x Mighty Skullcrushers - Bloodglaives30 x Bloodletters 5 x Flesh Hounds 5 x Flesh Hounds BattalionsMurderhost Endless SpellsWrath-Axe Hexgorger Skulls Total: 1980 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 131 The idea is to have a set deployment plan. Ive split it into 3 "lanes" if you would like to call it that (getting a dota feel for some reason). Lane 1 is for killing monsters and/or medium sized blobs, consisting of the Thirster and depending on if I need it a unit of Hounds. Lane 2 is for killing elite blobs or general large tough units. Thats going to be the Skulltaker, Bloodletters, and both Hounds to clear away screening. Lane 3 is for killing something that really needs a fist shaped mortal wound slap to the face, with it being the Skullcrushers and Bloodstoker. Priests will be set up always in the centre lane for the Altar to keep those Judgements ongoing. Idea is that if one lane manages to delete everything in its path, it can then redirect into another lane creating a pincer movement. General thinking is to try and go 2nd most of the time. If im forced to go first, ill take a slow turn and try to goad my opponent in moving a bit closer to me so that I have the perfect distance to get some charges off. Wrath Axe goes for mainly characters while Skulls try and do the dirty on enemy casting. With how big the imprint of the Judgements are, those are gonna be my main screening for turn 1 in the middle lane. Things im still unsure on: -Where the Skullshard Mantle should go? -Should I replace the Hounds with 2x10 Bloodletters, despite the Hounds being great giving me chances to dispel and being good, fast chaff clearance? -Dealing with en masse missile attacks. Im getting a feeling that its the main weakness of the list and I cant quite seem to find a way to reduce it other than what ive done already with focusing on making the list as fast as possible. What do you guys think? I personally feel quite happy with this list and dont feel there is a need for massive changes. Either way, let me know!
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