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  1. erasercrumbs

    Why is it so hard to start AOS ?

    I approach wargaming with the patience of a Sylvaneth. I started collecting Tyranids in Second Edition 40k, and watched them sit as the tragic opera clowns of GW for well over a decade. A year or two of not being a top tier army is inconsequential to an old blood like myself.
  2. erasercrumbs

    What alleigances are we going for?

    Mostly Chaos. It's scratching my itch to collect Tzeentch until I catch up with my Beasts of Chaos. If duardin are ever introduced, I'll probably test out Order too.
  3. It's true, it's all true! My Frigate is a big, (barely) flying marshmallow that couldn't hit the broad side of a barn in Amish country. And the Navigator is a second-rate Runepriest. The Frigate should inspire something like intimidation. But it doesn't. It's a Space Marine Rhino without the reputation for toughness. Granted they could keep reducing the points until it's worth it, but that wouldn't change the fact that it's a flying marshmallow.
  4. erasercrumbs

    AoS 2 - Clan Pestilens Discussion

    Another great thing about Warpfire Throwers is that they tend to scare the dickens out of your opponent. Even if they never get to shoot, a 70 point distraction that takes some heat off your tide of monks is really useful.
  5. erasercrumbs

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Pardon what might be a dumb question, and I'm sure it's already been answered, but if I wanna start FEC, is it compulsory to buy the Nagash Battletome? I have little interest in Legions of Nagash as a whole, and would rather save the 40 bucks if possible.
  6. The thought of Free People getting my Gyrocopters instead of the Dispossessed makes my heart hurt.
  7. erasercrumbs

    Battletomes, a bygone era?

    Coincidentally, the initial spate of Battletomes were little more than flavor text and art. The only unique rules content they featured were Battalions. My Pestilens Battletomes is worthless from a gaming standpoint. But I wouldn't want to give it up. After all, it indirectly alludes that Lord Skrolk is continuing to plague the world(s) as Skrolok Lifebane, which makes my tail twitch with joy.
  8. 1. Nurgle 2. Pestilens 3. Beasts of Chaos 4. Moulder (because everyone laughs at the Giant Rats at first) 5. Kharadron So far, only Kharadron have been able to seriously tempt me off the path of Chaos.
  9. I'd don't know if I'd consider Tzeentch a bottom-tier army, but 2.0 nerfs has significantly reduced Tzeentchian cheese. They're an honorable army now.
  10. erasercrumbs

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    I think Razorgors are good. Being stuck as allies was their greatest weakness; if you can take more than a couple without destroying your Allegiance, that's all the incentive I need to run a bunch of angry pigs. They take hits like a champ and deal it back pretty well, though admittedly, I'm probably the worst player ever.
  11. erasercrumbs

    Chaos army also usable in 40k?

    Nurgle daemons are pretty good in 40k. Nurglings are troop choices so you can really go nuts with them. Plaguebearers are slow but can be given once per game buffs that will let them chew through almost anything for one crucial turn. The biggest weakness with Nurgle in 40k is a lack of anti-armor, so you have to rely on mortal wounds and masses of one damage pings to stop tanks. Speaking of mortal wounds, the Nurgle psychic powers are arguably the best overall in Chaos, with a solid mix of offensive and defensive abilities. Beasts of Nurgle have poor stats but are way cheaper than in AoS, and a unit of three will frustrate your opponent to no end. Just like in AoS, Poxbringers are your workhorses and I always take at least two, no matter the point size of the game. Never played with or against Tzeentch, but he seems good on paper, and offers a psychic power that grants a reroll that might be the most utilitarian power in the game, even more so than Smite.
  12. erasercrumbs

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    I hope there will be more ways to bolster your units' bravery, or simply reduce unit losses for multiple units at once, like the Grey Seer. Morale losses are a crippling weakness with gors.
  13. erasercrumbs

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    I'd been ignoring AoS for 40k, but man, this will draw me back in. Love the herdstone, love that they're (presumably) throwing in a catch-all Beasts of Chaos keyword to unite the disparate factions, love knowing that the most constant form of Chaos incursion is going to be showing up more often.
  14. erasercrumbs

    Chaos spawn now tzeentch only?

    Sorry to dredge up this old thread, but it really saddened me when Tzeentch became the only god that creates Chaos Spawn. I used to love taking them with my Herald of Decay.
  15. erasercrumbs

    Cavalry armies post-Brettonia?

    The great thing about a Slaves to Darkness army with the Mark of Nurgle is that it lets you exploit the handsomest and clearly best mounted character in all of Warhammer-dom: Horticulus Slimux. Aside from having the finest mount one could ask for, his burgeoning forest ensures that your already speedy troops can be ANYWHERE. No objective is safe. Oh, and I guess there's also that Harbinger of Decay chap, who is great and all, but he doesn't ride a snail.