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  1. I've got my first tournament in some time next week and this is what I'm thinking of taking to it. I know there will be some Thorns, Zarbags, Steelhearts, Magores and probably a Mollog at it and maybe a couple others. Its not normally a big tournament but I think this gives me the best chance. What does everyone think? Any changes that you would make?
  2. Keep Choppin, Giant-Slayer and Commanding Stride
  3. I can't wait to try them out. Think it will be hilarious to reveal oath of supremacy to make them come to me and then go aggro. My idea for the deck is pure aggro but with a copy of Supremacy, oath of supremacy and only way out so I can try and get some big glory. How are everyone else finding them?
  4. soulrender for me was def worth the points but I was Mor'phann. Think he got me back about 9-10 Thralls plus helped out in some combats. Unit of 10 thralls were down to 2 left and double turn brought them back to full
  5. I am planning on trying out 2 units of 10 reavers I was against Legions of Nagash. Was such a tight game and ended in a draw. My 1000pts was Eidolon aspect of the Storm, Lotann, Soulrender, Tidecaster, 10 Thralls, 10 Reavers
  6. I played my first game tonight and I loved the thralls backed up with a Soulrender and Mor'phann enclave. Regen the Thralls back was so good. The Eidolon is obviously awesome and Lotann is also great.Can't wait to try and ambush with Soulscryer and 2 units of Reavers which I'm trying in the next game and also the Morsarr guard.
  7. Oh I didn't think about this. I just assumed it was a single model like a champion. Time to get the plasticard out and get converting
  8. Loving the answers here. I would love to see elves somewhere other that order. I don't like the idea of the mall being grouped together. Wonder if the future slaanesh might have some converted elves that were left behind or completely gone to chaos. I am also hopeful that we can get the angelic elves soon enough. Knowing my luck they will release them alongside the plastic sisters of battle and it will eat all my pennies. i really hope the angelic elves aren't just elven stormcast. I would of loved if instead of angelic elves they were more like a Phoenix style and we got to keep the phoenixes.
  9. So with the Idoneth Deeping coming out soon we know whats become of half of the Aelven souls. With morathi forming the Daughter's of Khain. Teclis failed experiment creating the Deepkin. The lore has stated that malerion has shaped his souls into something dark, terrible and majestic. I'm thinking either bringing back some dark aelf type army or maybe a harpy/demon type aelves. As for the last lot tyrion and teclis are believed to have created some sort of angelic aelves. I really hope this isn't aelven sigmarines and are something akin to the old high elves or at least a nice clean noble looking aelven army. What is everyone else's theories on what will come of the other 2 aelf armies and what they will look like?
  10. Which of these 1.5k lists would you guys say is better for a tournament? List 1 Huskard on stone horn, blood vulture, massive bulk and pelt of charngar Huskard on thundertusk, blood vulture, pelt of charngar 2 x mournfang, hornblower and banner bearer with gargant hackers 2 x mournfang, hornblower and banner bearer with gargant hackers 1 Stonhorn beastriders, chaintrap Jorlbad 1500pts List 2 Huskard on stonehorn, massive bulk, pelt of charngar, blood vulture Icebrow hunter, elixir of frostwurm, hunters crossbow 2 x mournfang, hornblower and banner bearer with gargant hackers 2 x mournfang, hornblower and banner bearer with gargant hackers Thundertusk Beastriders, blood vulture 2 x frosts sabers 2 x frost sabers 2 x frost sabers Skal 1500pts I'm leaning towards list 1 as more big creatures but list 2 does have that ability to pop up and try and wreck the backline.
  11. Bremy


    Couple questions on the Phoenixes. With the Flamespyre Phoenix, for the Reborn ability do I need to have reinforcement points to reborn it? Lastly on the Frostheart Phoenix, does the Blizzard Aura stack? Thanks
  12. Yeh it's actually better as it says you can reroll any dice when charging so you dont have to reroll both of them. Ah I see now. Ill need to make a couple adjustments now then.
  13. Ah ok thats good to know. I might be missing something but I thought I read if you have a few allegiances you can pick which one you are so I should be able to pick Ordo Draconis to make them a battleline. I am an AoS Noob so I might just be missing something or misread. I did think about reckless but seems a bit pointless when the banner on Noble does the same thing. I am hoping this list will be able to hit hard and on turn 1. Think it will either hit really hard and smash through or fall apart, my usual High Elves style.
  14. I'm finally giving Age of Sigmar a try tomorrow and bringing the High Elves. Will be trying out the Ordo Draconis in a 1K list. This is what I'm bringing, not sure how it will do but will be fun no doubt. Dragonlord with Dragon Lance and War Horn, Relic Blade and Inspiring Trait Dragon Noble with Star Lance and Banner Dragon Blades Dragon Blades Archers Dragonlord Host
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