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  1. Man! The rider alone hits harder than the exalted bloodthirster! It's even undercosted, I would say!
  2. Gravespawn tzaangors buffed by spawn + beastlord Command can get pretty killy as they get two attack profiles. With rerolls to wound/hit on that Many attacks, you've gotta kill something.
  3. Centigors, with their speed ,native +1 to hit and loads of attacks, are great targets for Blades of Putrefaction. Not to mention benefits from the wheel, GUO bell and shaman for massive movement boost. T1 charges galore!
  4. You could even throw some wrathmongers to go behind bullgors! 4 big Axe + 4 horn attacks per murdercow. Those guys would delete anything they touch! Or 5 attacks per bestigor on the charge.
  5. You could even get full rerolls on bullgors if you stack a banner of Blood bloodsecrator along bullgors wich I'm seriously considering, as It would neuter one of the weak points of the unit. I tant think warherds are great additions to khorne /nurgle as -2rend 3 damage is a pretty uncommon sight on those armies.
  6. GUO + gnarlmaw + nurgle wheel make for a big speed boost to warherd units.
  7. Does anyone know what are the command traits and artifacts for doombulls? I'm unable to find those anywhere!
  8. Regarding the warshrine, can you use destiny dice to ensure the prayer goes off? And the barbarian hordes ability from marauders?
  9. My main goal is to max skulltake for the bonus with two 20 bloodreaver units and 2 khogoraths (converted from stormfiends) per unit. I don't plan on bloodwarriors as they cover the same role as skullreapers. Then I'm torn between supporting them(gorepilgrims) or adding speed (murderhost, brass stampede, etc...). There's the dilemma.
  10. Any advice on how to best compliment a maxed out skulltake at 2000 pts?
  11. You could alternatively run maxed murderhost and rush the board like there's no tomorrow while thirsters do their job 2d6 move every turn is crazy fast!!
  12. If you go the slaves to darkness route with warriors/ marauders I'd strongly recommend 1 or 2 chosen units, as rerrolls to wound are such a big boost when youre rolling that many attacks
  13. Stormfiends, coupled with apropiate bits like jugger / hound heads ,skullreaper axes and the like can make really mean khorgoraths
  14. Wouldn't skullfiend tribe fit into goretide's 'other battallions' point? Could it be possible? (Evil I know)
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