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  1. raketjan

    AoS 2 - Gloomspite Gitz Discussion

    Planning on using the tiny grot boss with ”giant” cave squig from battle for skull pass. Would look hilarious with him on a really big base filled with mushrooms...
  2. raketjan

    The Rumour Thread

    Anyone consider the bull being a REALM specific endless spell. The realms got special rules and spells and stuff, the bull could be an aqshy specific endless spell, or maybe ghyran...
  3. raketjan

    The Rumour Thread

    The weird unit sizes night be fixed with additional easy to build kits. Wasn’t that sorta what they did with 40k? So IF you buy both the starter set and the new smaller sets we are likely to see, you end up with the correct unit size?
  4. Ben, did you ever finish this, with water and all? Really nice to see the old guide, not too keen on the golden new paintscheme...
  5. raketjan

    The Rumour Thread

    Ok, wouldnt it be cool IF there was a new warhammer quest box set in shadespire where you could pick one of the existing shadespire warbands to quest with, with rules and upgrades reflecting their different playstyles? Adversaries would be a ton of different new cool undead models?!?
  6. raketjan

    failed retreat

    Hi, I decided to retreat from a combat, but due to a building behind me I had to roll pretty high to be able to end up outside of 3¨ from enemy units. I rolled a 1... What happens then? We couldn't find anything about what it means to fail a retreat. Do I get to fight in the combat phase? anyone know, and also perhaps with a reference to where in the rules and /or FAQ an answer to this can be found?
  7. Even IF the next Ghb is released the day after you buy the 2016 one you wont regret IT, so Much cool useful stuff in there /)
  8. raketjan

    Help with Khorne 1000p

    Hi! I'm having a lot of fun with the starter set battalion (Goreblade warband) and just fleshing it out a little... If you add 10 Bloodreavers, 5 Bloodwarriors and 5 Skullreapers you end up with exactly 1000 points, and a 2 drop army if you want to decide who goes first. or alternatively skip the reavers and take 5 Wrathmongers instead of the Skullreapers... The Goreblade warband is really nice, making your charges a bit less likely to fail. And if you remember it, the extra attack if a unit is wiped out is never bad. I never remember it though... good luck
  9. raketjan

    tiny Valkia

    Hi, just got my Valkia mini for my Bloodbound warband, and she is miniscule... Checked the base guidelines and she is supoposed to go on a 32mm base. All my other heros are on 40mm bases. Is it ok to put hre on a bigger base. I can only find disadvantages to having a bigger base, is there any advantages?
  10. 5 skullreapers and finish a Korgorath, the Bloodstoker, the Bloodsecrator and 10 Bloodwarriors...
  11. Ok, so my Skullreaper already had taken 2 wounds, and rolls a 1 on the wound roll of a 6 hit roll from a Daemon weapon, taking a mortal wound which kills him. I then roll a 4 on the Murderous to the last roll, inflicting 1 mortal wound on the attacking unit. Am I the attacking unit?!? I was kind of winning big anyway, so I just took the wound, liking the narrative of him being so angry at himself for dying that he lashed out at his friend nearby. But how should this be done next time?
  12. raketjan

    terrain painting guide

    @TalesOfSigmar wow that is pure gold. IF you have more don't hesitate to share IT
  13. raketjan

    The Painting Contract - January 2017

    Ok, my bloodbound crew is only 5 reavers and 3 warriors big so far (Storm of Sigmar box) but the plan is to paint everything in the starter box. So for January it seems plausible to paint Khorgos Khul mr Bloodsecrator 2 more warriors