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  1. "Arcane Lineage" why WIZARDS............
  2. Instead of setting up a STORMCAST ETERNALS unit on the battlefield, you can place it to one side and say that it is set up in the Celestial Realm. You can do this with as many units as you wish. In each of your movement phases, roll a dice for each of these units. On a roll of 1 or 2 the unit does not arrive this turn – you can roll for them again in subsequent turns. On a result of 3 or more, the unit is transported to the battlefield – set up the unit on the battlefield more than 9" from any enemy models. This is their move for that movement phase. But does it really matter IMHO, A or B is the same.C is definitely a no no.
  3. Ork battle formations - 40/120 points Ork precision in formations - 100 points Comparing Orks to a Spartan phalanx- Priceless
  4. So that is my Lord Celestant, he has no cloak but he throws his shield like Captain America and he gets the same attacks with his Lance lol........I may add a hammer at his belt, when i got one.
  5. The brotherhood did good.Keep in mind that they were mainly backup to the liberators (Protectors especially) and rets,decis kept my flanks. The ability of the prosecutors combined with Shriving lights and Decimators (-1,-1,-2 to and /or dice roll bravery) had a moderate impact but then again it was versus death.The same rooster against Ironjaws yesterday made 3 units of brutes with a single/or two models killed to withdraw completely (plus bad roll of 6's and 5's) in 2 turns. Yes, 5 paladins per retinue thought i may need 10 Protectors to backup the Liberators, Used 6 Raptors with hurricane but performed badly. Yesterday i used Longstrike crossbows (3) and performed as intended (2-4 wounds ).Next battle will use 6 Longstrike. Also Venator is under performing constantly even with luckstone, rend -1 isn't that sure to not be saved, especially if enemy hero has 3+ save. Well, they can test my 3/3/-/1 or 3/3/-1/2 , 2+ save, re roll 1's-2's Liberator retinue of 15 (or 20), with maybe Bless weapons.
  6. So yesterday i played a 2k game against death.Take and Hold. Used Knights Excelsior Exemplar Chamber. 15 liberators followed by protectors no starsoul and Prosecutors That 1-2 reroll and staunch defender with the warding lantern plus a Relictor is definitely very good.SS or WB is no match imho Heroes didnt take a single wound lost all the archers and 3 out of 15 libs, plus 5 of 5 libs (2 units). Enemy got tabled.
  7. Well, you only need 1 devastation brotherhood to get the battalion , then you may add 2 more devastation brotherhoods and 1 lord of the storm. They key to these is "Any number of additional STORMCAST ETERNALS units" . That is 1k points for devastation bros including Excelsior.Add 3-4 battle line ->1400 plus 2-4 heroes->1700-1800 add Concussors-> 2360-2460 which imho is perfect for 2.5k game (and thats 4 dracoths). Then again , how many are a lot?
  8. Nope, makes perfect sense.Also Dracothian Guard use Sigmarite Shields
  9. So if i got a LCoD within 3'' of 2 more units and Knights Excelsior exemplar chamber, do i get MW if i save 1s and 2s or just for 1s? Maybe irrelevant in this thread but still.....same for LCoSD.
  10. I used the luck stone yesterday, twice (two games). Murdered a Warboss and failed the other....... rolled 1 to hit (used luckstone) and 1 to wound.... Nevertheless the first murder was an epic first turn first dice roll murder.
  11. The special bow is 1 per 5 models. So 10 models, 2 shockbolt bows. 1 for prime that hit at 2+ and 1 for a judicator (not prime) that hits on 3+
  12. Everything is fine boys, just copy Kozokus copy of the battletome and we are done Thanks Kozokus you are officially named Lord Scribe from now on..... On the other hand Min.Batt. Minimum Knights Excelsior 80 + Devastation Brotherhood 60,00 940,00 Add Battleline accordingly Celestial Vindicators 80 + Hammerstrike force 120,00 1000,00 Add Battleline accordingly Celestial Warbringers 60 + Lords of the Storm 100,00 800,00 Add Battleline accordingly Tempest Lords 140 + Vanguard Wing 100,00 1000,00 Add Battleline accordingly Hammers of Sigmar 120 + Thunderhead Brotherhood 80,00 920,00 Hallowed Knights 100 + Lords of the Storm 100,00 800,00 Add Battleline accordingly Anvils of the Heldenhammer 80 + Thunderhead Brotherhood 80,00 940,00 Astral Templars 100 + Lords of the Storm 100,00 800,00 Add Battleline accordingly So i think that they may be used in 2.5k+ games. Dont forget the golden rule............ANY NUMBER OF ADDITIONAL STORMCAST ETERNALS UNITS
  13. Minimum units. You need to add battleline to some of them. Knights Excelsior 3280 Celestial Vindicators 4820 Celestial Warbringers 2100 Tempest Lords 2280 Hammers of Sigmar 4680 14640 MAX LOL Hallowed Knights 4560 Anvils of the Heldenhammer 4700 Astral Templars 3100
  14. I think that the warscrolls are A4 size printed , so they are too big to use. Plus i already have printed warscrolls which are MTG size cards. I am not excited for Vanguard Hunters but i will wait for the battletome and decide after i see their battalions (i suppose they will get 4 just like extremis) I also suppose their cost will be like 160 because of their ability plus their boltstorm pistols.They would have been best with a -1 rend with their melee weapons. I hope they are battleline at least.On the other hand i will have a box of them just to complete the collection. I expect that the Gryph hounds will have the same ability with rend.
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