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  1. Gaunt Summoner w/ Familars (120) Fatesword Warband Battalion (120) Chaos Lord on Manticore (General) (300) - using Flail and Shield Cursling, Lord of Tzeench (140) Ogrid Tamaturge (160) 9 Chaos Maurader (BL) (60) Using Karic Acolytes as Counts-As 10 Chaos Warriors (BL) (180) - using handweapons and shield 10 Chaos Warriors (BL) (180) - using handweapons and shield 2 Chaos Gorebeast Chariots (200) - flail for the rider 5 Chaos Knights (200) - handweapons and shields 5 Chaos Knights (200) - handweapons and shields My great sadness is that the rule of one is hateful and leaves me to rely on hero's unique spells to zap things. Otherwise I'd be much more confident in my teams lack of ranged support. Most odd choices in weapons are due to the battalion giving everything rending -1 mitigating the cool factor of things like lances. Any thoughts about the makeup / theme are appreciated.
  2. Am I correct in thinking that a Chaos Lord does not need to have matched play points set aside for his 'Final Form' when Glory or Damnation triggers, as the second model isn't 'summoned'?
  3. Since no one has any facts I'll contribute my dreams. Kairic Acolytes are really cool. I'd like to see some version of them legal in matched play. Tanzagors - though lacking in the keywords to play with many of the other mortal Tzeench units they could get a hero and a maybe a battalion to go with them. Speaking of Kewords I'm kinda new to the game, but I'd like to see the Tzeench alegance get a set of shiny command / artifact boons. This way you can mix Slaves to Darkness with Demons with Arcanites and not have to fall bak on chaos Alegence abilities. Kairic Acolytes imply some sort of Cult of the Fateweaver. That would be a neat battalion. I'd also like to see some sort of flying infantry thing sort-of akin to the Prosectors unit for Stormcasts - fast harriers. Though clearly with more bird-like features. While were's at it we can have a Hero version too. If the battalions are flexible enough to include Chaos Warriors / Knights / Chariots then I don't see a strong need for Tzench only versions of those units.
  4. Why not? The word directly does not appear in the rules.
  5. I'm somewhat confused by piling in. My friend claims that once a model is engaged with an enemy they are stuck there. I posit that you can be engaged and not in contact (per the faq question). I've created an example in paint. See below or my imgur album (http://imgur.com/a/AnSP5). Do I have the right of it?
  6. Thanks for the tip. I recall seeing some old empire riders in my bits bin. I'll hit up the bitz sites if that doesn't pan out. While were on the topic, care to recommend one?
  7. If you're feeling brave you could probably also chop up the footslogging sorcerer lord (i usually use hobby knives to cut plastic -though a saw might work better) and combine his top half with an extra chaos horse (perhaps from a gorbeast chariot). ... I actually have all that stuff and would prefer my sorcerer lord be mounted. I'll work on that tonight. Not sure where I'm going to find some legs to ride on the horse with. May have to investigate some oldhammer bits.
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