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  1. Hear, hear! Lovely painted models and beautiful terrain. The thing that turns me off mostly is badly/unpainted models and terrain without a thought (it should represent a battlefield). I would never subscribe to a channel with unpainted stuff... (and square bases!) Also, it is really nice to hear the players' gameplan and tactics... and afterthoughts.
  2. Oh! That actually makes sense. I think I got it now! Gee, the rules aren't always clear, I'm afraid... So many thanks for clearing that up! Great!!
  3. Hi I can get my brain to understand this, so please tell me if I got this right: On page 36, under Map Regions, the rules state that there are three areas that is designated as Strategic Regions (marked with crossed axes). The three regions are: Eyes of the Prismatikon, The Infinity Gates and The Caverns of Fulminax. The same paragraph states that if a player controls these three Strategic Regions and has reforged The Sceptre of the Flame by spending a Build Point - that player immediately wins the campaign Right... so far I understand... On page 42, under Victory/Realm Conqueror Victory, the rules state that "A player wins the campaign immediately if they control all three Strategic Regions and have reforged The Sceptre of the Flame. See the Time of war rules for The Titanworks on page 52" Uh-huh... and moving to page 52: On page 52, under The Titanworks, it says that to Reforge the Sceptres of the Flame a player that: "controls this region [The Titanworks] and also controls The Caverns of Fulminax and The Black Iron Peninsula, can spend a Build Point to reforge The Sceptre of the Flame" Is this the case?: Can a player create The Sceptre of the Flame by controlling The Caverns of Fulminax, The Black Iron Peninsula and The Titanworks, but not The Infinity Gates and The Eyes of the Prismatikon and then need to gain control over the Strategic Regions in order to actually spend that Build Point to win the campaign? And can a player conquer only the Strategic Regions, spend a Build Point and win the campaign, without having control over the non-strategic regions mentioned regions above? I hope I made myself clear.... Have I got this right?
  4. Great! Thanks, all of you! I haven't read "Only the Faithful" yet. I will do it right away! Yeah, freedom is king in AoS, but I would really like to stay true to the "facts" as much as possible :-) Again, thanks for your swift answers!
  5. Hi I'm writing a short story for a campaign, which involves a village and a realmgate. The realmgate is one of the key ingredients in the story, but I have run into a problem. Maybe this has been discussed elsewhere (if so... sorry). The thing is: how does a realmgate "work"? Is it controlled by some "mechanic"? By magic? How can one know where the gate takes you? Can this be manipulated? In that case; what requires such manipulation? I haven't found any information about this... if someone could point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful! Thanks in advance! :-)
  6. Great! We're a growing bunch of players in Uppsala. Not far from Stockholm... ;-P We usually meet for games at Fantasia - the best shop in Uppsala!! If you fancy coming to Uppsala.... join our FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1066061106820900/ /Tony N.B. Here's a link to our on-going open and narrative campaign, which has just started... https://sites.google.com/site/themosswastes/home
  7. Age of Sigmar is, rightly so, expanding in Sweden! The impact of the General's Handbook is insane!
  8. Tony here. New in this community. Liked Age of Sigmar from the start. Now loving it! Living and playing in Uppsala, Sweden. Plays Rotbringer/Skaven and Seraphon. Just to get both sides version of who's in charge! :-)
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