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  1. Maybe it would make sense to take the WD battalions (The Dolorous Guard etc.) because it seems they are not allowed in matched play anymore.
  2. Really great conversions here. I have to say I dislike the Hexwraith models as well. I was thinking to simply build the Black Knights and paint them in my Nighthaunt scheme. Do you have any thoughts on this or did anyone do this before?
  3. Quick question: When I want to make use of the free command ability of Makor that comes with the Forgotten Scions, he has to be my general right? This would mean that in order to give Olynder protection from the Dolorous Guard battalion I would have to make her my general. Meaning that Makor would lose his command ability. Is that correct?
  4. I really appreciate the time that you took to answer my questions. I absolutely agree on your caution about mathhammer and I am not trying to accuse you of being defensive. My point was that IF people engage in mathhammer it's important to do it right or when assumptions are made to make them transparent. The latter point helps to make sure that I understand you correctly. @ Blade Gheists vs. Glaivewraith Stalkers: Thanks for the clarification. That makes sense to me. Okay, so if I understand you correctly, you were just referring to the change from +2 to +3, which as you state would be an increase of 50% damage that gets through (in relative terms), which is the same as my statement that you increase the likelihood to make damage by 16.6% in absolute terms. Get your point here. (Yet your example only holds for the 2+ to 3+ change, but therefore saves the reader from engaging in his/her own computations.) Okay, thanks for clarifying that you included the ban rolls here. I wasn't sure about that. I think that the calculation is likely incorrect though, because you cannot assume that you either roll a 6 or a 7 (including the +1) and your opponent has to simply beat that. Actually your opponent has to roll +1 higher than you without the buff and +2 higher than you with the buff. This should be in the likelihood range well below 50% (you said 58.53%). So in order to get the correct number (or test whether TellTaleNoobs statement is correct) one would have to multiply the chance of casting a spell successfully with the likelihood of your opponent not banning it. I might take some time on the weekend to do that. 🙂 Okay, that makes sense to me. Thanks again for the clarification. I hope I didn't get across as being a mathhammer zealot, but I wanted to make sure that I understand what you were advising. I think the process of discussing helped me to get most of your points and I hope it can improve/make the guide a bit more clearer while still staying beginner friendly.
  5. Sorry, I'm not sure I understand your reply. How does that connect to my post?
  6. Oh, I see where you getting at. The problem/confusion with this statement is that it needs an absolute base to be calculated. (That's why I prefer to express probability statements as percentages based on a D6, i.e. increasing the wound roll for the enemy is a 16.6% reduction of the likelihood to wound.) In your example specific example of wounding on a 4+ instead of 3+ this is a 25% reduction of damage indeed. That does not work for a reduction from 4+ to 5+ or 2+ to 3 though. Therefore the statement that increasing the wound roll by 1 reduces incoming damage by 25% is not correct in many cases. Does that make sense? That's what confused me.
  7. Please don't get me wrong, I really appreciate your work on this very comprehensive guide. However, I have to get back to some numbers, as they seem implausible to me. Let's work on this to further Nagash's realm! 🙂 I agree that the unit underperforms, but I am not sure, in which scenario you calculated the 50% less damage of Bladegheists? If you quote numbers like these it's good to be transparent about your assumptions (How many Bladegheists vs. how many Glaivewraith Stalkers, attacking a unit with which armor save). This page allows to create exact scenarios with fancy graphs: https://aos-statshammer.herokuapp.com/ Otherwise it's probably best to leave out exact numbers. Did not understand how bringing up a save from +2 to +3 leads to "50% more potential damage". It leads to 16.6% more potential damage. This is likely the same mistake here. Reducing 1 to wound is not 25% but 16.6% less damage incoming. You usually cast Spectral Lure on a 6+. Having a +1 bonus turns this into a 5+. This means you improve from a 72.2 probability to 83.3 probability. How do you get to a +30% chance to cast the spell? Didn't understand what 15+ attacks has to do with +50% damage threshold. Can you explain what you mean by that? Again, just working to improve the guide.
  8. Stating it as an increase TO 33% is correct - regardless of whether you are a beginner or not - and regardless of how many dice you roll. 😉 I couldn't get this from your statement "Just how much more saving is that? Why it's 33%. In a game of dice and random numbers, giving two of some of your best units a 33% increase in the chances of just totally ignoring incoming damage is nothing to scoff at."
  9. Great article and interesting insights. I found that at times, the likelihood statements were slightly confusing or might be even wrong, though. Let's take this example: How did you calculate the 33% increase from a 6+ to a 5+ safe? It's either a 50% increase in relative terms (twice as likely to roll a 5+ than a 6+ terms) or a lot clearer in absolute terms a 33% chance to save instead of a 16.6% chance to save. I think to talk about percentages in absolute terms would be clearer in your text. Keep up the great work.
  10. Thank you for the heads up. Do you know the deepwars range? Maybe that could be something for you as well: https://antimatter-games.com/new-creatures-and-ethereals/
  11. Wow, impressive work. Can you tell me where the crab is from? Is it Antimatter Games? Where are the diver helmets from? Really nice!
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