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  1. Just wanted to clarify that's no longer the case, and they did put it in the FAQ. In the heady pre-battletome days of GA: Chaos, you could go over, and I killed many a Bloodthirster/unit with the shenanigans. But now you can do a Max of 10 if you don't heal him. Q: I would like some clarification on how the Jabberslythe’s Spurting Bile Blood ability is intended to work, specifically whether ‘overkill’ damage triggers dice rolls to test for mortal wounds. For example, if my Jabberslythe suffers 12 wounds from a single unit’s melee weapon(s), do I roll 12 dice to test for mortal wounds even though the Jabberslythe has a Wounds characteristic of 10? A: The Spurting Bile Blood ability triggers when a wound is allocated. As wounds are allocated one at a time until the model is slain, any ‘overkill’ will not cause the ability to be triggered. See page 7 of the core rules, ‘Allocating Wounds’.
  2. Nice! Always great when games go smoothly!
  3. You certainly can, and for casual games a tape measure would work perfectly fine. It just sometimes ends up like the old blast/flame templates, where people are arguing over who is within range to capture an objective because the measurements are imprecise or if the marker got moved or models are bumped. In a tournament setting I would prefer having the flat objectives to minimize the chance of arguing, instead we have a set defined area and it's easy to determine if you're within range to capture an objective. That being said, I do agree that most of the objectives people use are obnoxious and ruin the aesthetic, which is why I went with the "summoning circle" style, so that it could be almost anywhere and looks good on 90% of tables (IMHO lava tables is where it looks off). But really, it's no different than people who base their army with a snow theme, and end up playing in a lush forest table.
  4. If you buy their pre-made ones (with their Company Logo) or you can get the custom made (like mine were) for the base cost of $100. 8 x 12” objectives markers 3 x 6” objective markers If you go custom made, you can either have them do a new design (approx $50 if you do the same logo for all markers) or send them CMYK images 12.5 inches by 12.5 inches at 150dpi and for the 3 small markers the image size is 6.5” x 6.5” at 150dpi. If you're in southern Ontario, they are often at local tournaments and can hand-deliver or shipping wasn't too bad.
  5. There's a Canadian Company who do the markers for both AoS and 40k. DreamTee Their generic ones are kinda immersion breaking with a big dragon on it (https://dreamtee.store/product/aos-objective-markers-conquest-dragon/) but you can also get them custom made. I got mine to be more of a "summoning Circle" so they don't look too out of place overall and do match the basing (snowy bases) of my army.
  6. I'm so upset that I can't make it this year to NOVA . The past two years have been a blast and I've had such a great time at the AoS tournaments (doubles and GT), and it looks like this one is shaping up to be amazing as well! I guess it just means that I have more time to build up the forces of Garruk the Stormlord, and hopefully I can make it out for 2019! (PS - It was a pleasure playing you in the doubles Chuck! ) #BrayherdForever
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