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  1. I believe GW has said it’s intentional, and the Ironclad and Frigate points cost take that benefit into account.
  2. Of course there's always Verminlord Corruptor + Sword of Judgment Verminlord Corruptor has 10 attacks with its single melee weapon which are pretty meek unbuffed (1 damage, no rend) (and as a result he's pretty reasonably pointed) Corruptor Rerolls misses to hit Lots of chances for 6+ to hit exploding for 1d6 mortal wounds from the Sword of Judgment Availability of plus 1 to hit in the Chaos Grand Allegiance make it even better. (and really he'd be a good option for any artifact that triggers on a hit)
  3. Yeah I hear that. That might be my pet peave... or you know, maybe my pet peave is an exactly 4x6 table that forces you to put dead piles, cans, and spare dice right on the playing surface. Much prefer a 4x7 or a pool table.
  4. How are they going to make work with AOS rules? The khemist is the hero I suppose? Is the skyrigger (movement 12) really gonna be in the same unit as some arch company me (movement 4)?
  5. Also back in the first years of Age of Sigmar he had super good rules for a Verminus Clawpack list, but then we lost those rules in 2017. Not sure if that's hurt his value as far as selling him or not..
  6. Oh yes, that's thing on the Namari warscrolls is from an errata to that is specific to the Namari stuff because they made their banner and champion one and the same and did not initially put any restrictions on them, so people were able to play with a full unit of champions, until they errata'd it.
  7. Can an ally (like the Butcher here) take a realm artifact?
  8. I did it more or less like that tutorial you linked to. Hollowing out the bases have been the biggest pains in the tail ever, so if you can avoid that I would highly recommend it.
  9. You've got to get a sword of Judgement on that Verminlord, he's the perfect chassis. I've been trying to come up with an Ulgu list out of Pestilens, Nurgle, or the GA with a battalion and a couple verminlord corruptors, one with the Sword of Judgement, and one with the Dimensional Blade (goes from 10 attacks at no rend to 10 attacks at 3 rend. pretty good bump).
  10. Sorry, I meant to say if Games Workshop does decided to go all digital, presumably that Store (and any other Stores that are similar) would have to start accepting digital copies.
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