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  1. Phil, theres a fantastic gaming centre/club at Hockley called the Wayland Games Centre. Search on facebook for the details. There is also another Wayland Store in southend, and a gaming club called Tiy Soldier club, also in Southend. join the Wayland Warlords group on facebook. In the near future ill be organising a local AOS intro campaign to drum up some more local interest.
  2. Are you planning to do anything to break up the large areas of grey brick? ive found in the past using washes to create random patches of stains works really nice on brickwork..... Agrax drips to show general dirt, and thin Biel-Tan washes which resemble patches of moss in the mortar. just a thought! (and possibly something you were already planning)
  3. I find a few things useful....: 1) Building/Converting and Painting tend to use two sets of distinctly different materials/tools. I find having a good tidy up of my work area helps switch mindset from building to painting. 2) podcasts+ Audiobooks! Listen to something interesting to motivate you to paint. 3) only display fully painted minis. If you have a diaplay cabinet/shelf, ban yourself from putting grey plastic out on show! 4) "just paint the foot". This is a jokey tactic picked up from the Point Hammered boys, but the underlying principle works... Start painting SOMETHING on the model, even a belt or foot, and you'll snowball motivation to finish it.
  4. Nah not me. I never rage about anything.
  5. Lovely work! These look ace. It hadnt occured to be how nice and 'playable' the Garden of Morr set is now in AOS. Especialky if you spread it out across a few bases like hou've done. Good value too as one box can make 3-4 decent size terrain blobs!
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