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  1. hey folks another mega boss here. all the way from NZ. Really enjoyed reading this thread tonight while trying to come up with a list for an upcoming tournament next month. in regards to the strength from victory the maw crushas do get better as they heal as per the main rules faq Q: If a monster heals wounds, does it still count as having taken those wounds for the purpose of making its attacks and abilities weaker? A: No. You use the line that corresponds to the monster’s current number of wounds, so a monster will get better if it can heal wounds. as for the fore mentioned tourna
  2. I ran a list yesterday at a 1 day tournament yesterday as follows Megaboss on maw crusha warchanter weirdnob shaman iron fist - 2 x10 man ard boys x1 x5man brutes gore fist x3 gore gruntas. pretty much steams across the table turn 1 and causes carnage. not sure how it would work in the meta of the UK or the USA but worked a treat yesterday went 3-0 and won the event.
  3. Rule of cool applies aye. That is what i did. I really like the look of the gore gruntas and the gore fist battalion makes them terrifying for opponents. yes its pricey points wise but x9 5 wound models covering the table turn 1 and causing serious damage to what ever they charge is a good way to start a game. As for the shaman imo he doesn't seem that bad, has its uses. Handy having those damage spells in a pure ironjawz army considering there is only 1 other ranged attack.
  4. so what your saying is when im writing my list its iron jawz allegiance. but when i play a game it can become destruction ?
  5. hang on, so i can take an all iron jawz army and choose the destruction allegiance abilities and my brutes, ard boys and gore gruntas are still battleline?Even though it says under those entries of these units that they are battle line if the army has ironjawz allegiance. to me that doesn't make sense to me as I interpret what the gh and the faq says is you choose ironjawz or destruction. not choose destruction and still get the bonus of ironjawz.
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