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  1. Morathi is done all but the base and a few straps. On to witches now. 70 to do for Friday. I have a backup plan to… https://t.co/MQqHLfBQdU

  2. @MrLumis Hahaha! I thought you were just a friendly local! Should have said something!

  3. @RobVJohnson retributer gold with coelia green shade

  4. @AnthonyMagro @maximum_pants @odiamh DM me your order ref Christian and I'll see if we have a tracking No.

  5. @CanHammerLogan Only lost if you drew out.

  6. thanks again to the previous team that were really helpful in getting the site to where it is now.

  7. @ubertechie74 I think its listed by battle only. no worries

  8. @ChildofFang This could be your most engaged Twitter post ever. #CatsRuleTheInternet

  9. @WargamerDonal @Tom_Mawdsley Ha! Just seen you already have!!!

  10. Missed a load of stuff on twitter today, just skimming. Did Chris Tomlin die???? Sorry for your Loss @the_black_sun

  11. @ipaintltledudes Knights? https://t.co/egIJLxAVzy

  12. @ukrocky90 Ha! I could have had 30 more blackguard! Doesn’t matter. Was good to chat and roll dice.

  13. WHTV selfie https://t.co/656J3w1Ngy

  14. @Chris_Legg yeah, we risked death to attend. #TrueFriends

  15. RT @MengelMinis: Closing in on 5,000 followers on here now, and I just wanted to thank @BadDice_Podcast for being the impetus for me to joi…

  16. @Stevewren @ProPainted The real trophy from that event is in my pile of gaming boards @BenJohnson0013

  17. Morathi is coming. And she’s been AOS’ed. #AgeofSigmar https://t.co/ISTNbWH0Kc

  18. @Gaz_T @akrakenbracken You do!!!

  19. RT @HeelanHammer: Right heading off to family time - entrants update in week! Initial count suggest still spaces so keep the entries coming…

  20. @rockchef25 @HeelanHammer DS Screenprints in Derby.

  21. @specious_theory I’m doing a Rewire in Derby. Happy to have you over for a Builder’s tea and chopping some sockets in.

  22. RT @BenJohnson0013: Took some better photos of the Great Unclean Ones this afternoon. #Nurgle https://t.co/l6guXLDXgy

  23. @AndySmillie @Hulk__Harvey I’ve seen a load of movies that start like that...

  24. @PatFlynn Ive been a listener of yours for years btw. I’m trying to work out how long but can’t place it. Maybe 2011ish?

  25. @JMTAndrewG @BenJohnson0013 @_devianttactics I still have mine too!!

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