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  1. Ben

    Skaven Horde

    Is there any milage in a true horde army? Under SCGT you can get 240 rats spread across 6x each of Clan rats, Plague Monks, Storm Vermin, Giant Rats and a 4 point hero. In the hero scenarios you can easily drop 30 rats for more heroes
  2. Can everyone see this? Who is attending on the 14th? I think it will be a good turn-out again
  3. I don't think users can delete threads. only admin
  4. Still having this issue? I saw you had managed to add some pics.
  5. Ben

    What to do next?

    Chaos Grand Alliance book is a great start. Leave it by the toilet and have a look every time you go for a poo
  6. Ben

    Building an army

    It's a touchy subject Chris! I'd say that he should be the right model but other say the older ones are fine if on the right base. Use what ever you are happy doing. For club nights no one will care either way.
  7. It the weekend after Kels birthday. Mo's done a Timmy!
  8. Ben

    What to do next?

    Thats a solid plan. The formations can be fun
  9. Ben

    Building an army

    I'd start with a Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster and the bloodhound guy that whips units to give extra charge.
  10. All Alliances are equal under the enslavment of the Legion
  11. Ben

    New orcs thread

    If i'm honest, I haven't looked too much at the leaks. I like to see them on release! Whats been posted up so far?
  12. I'm looking at a Darkling Coven as my next list with some Daughters of Khaine mixed in. Wanna run my Bloodwrack shrine.
  13. Ben

    Event Calender

    Ok this is cool. It's on the site already, see if you can find it an let me know how easy/hard it was!
  14. Just for Rob. Towed up the board to shoot NAGASH in the face. Made the killing shot too!
  15. Love it!!! Can't wait for the next instalment.
  16. Hi all, here is my South Coast GT Battle reports. I think I managed to take photos in all my games, but certainly not every turn! I had a great weekend. I partied (and played) like it was 2009 again! I decided to not try and squeeze in all the filth and just took Chaos Dwarfs, expecting to be enjoying myself on mid-tables. 150 pools list 1x Drazhoath The Ashen - 13 1x Bull Centaur Taur'uk - 6 3x Daemonsmith - 12 1x Infernal Guard Castellan - 4 1x Infernal Guard Standard Bearer - 4 2 xBull Centaur Renders (6) - 12 3x Infernal Guard Fireglaives (30) - 21 4x Infernal Guard Ironsworn (40) - 24 3x Stormvermin (30) - 21 2x Magma Cannon - 14 2x Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher -12 1x Iron Daemon War Engine - 7 I decided to leave the storm vermin at home. In every game I used Draz, 2 Smiths, 40 Infernals, 2 Magmas and the Iron Deamon. I swapped between Bull Centaurs + Tauruk, 2 Deathshriekers or 30 Fire glaives depending on the scenario and if my opponent had monsters. Big thanks to all my opponents, I can't remember a tournament where I had so many fun games. Especially thanks to the guys who pushed all their biggest toys in front of all my shooting! So here's the rundown. G1. Awesome looking battle vs Mike Ralph. I deployed 40 Chaos Dwarfs and 6 Centaurs vs 70 Duardin! A flame cannon blew up 20 Infernal guard on turn 1, but I retaliated and took out 20 Slayers. I got the double turn and managed to clear up some characters off Mikes objective. Mike then also got back to back turns getting all his infantry into my lines. The Bull Centaurs managed to hold the line for long enough for Drazhoath and the artillery to arrive and I finally managed to swing the game around turn 4 when the Hammerers died. G2. Nurgle monster mash of Rob Perrin. This is the sort of army that I expected to face far more often than I did. Archaon backed up by full Nurgle gunline with Epidimus too. 3x3 nurglings for the objectives. Drazhoath did a great job of killing Soulgrinders but Archaon got a double turn at first attempt and just cleared my objectives too quickly for me to really be in the game. I seem to remember a fair few bad Mystical terrain rolls for Rob to keep the game interesting. No pics here G3. The draw went up and I saw it was Death, I said to a mate that I hoped it was NAGASH as I fancied playing against him. Turns out it was! Oddly enough I felt from the start it was a great match for me!!! I deployed 70 dwarfs, 6 centaurs, 2 warmachines, 3 characters and also blew my Agenda to drop a Tauruk. Lucky for me my opponent decided to leave Neferata in range of the magma cannons on turn 1 despite my warnings! I got the double turn so was able to kill her with the 4 shots and also charge/shoot most of his turn 1 summoning and also put a few wounds on NAGASH. NAGASH ran in and tried to kill my Iron Deamon and I shot off his last 10 wounds on my turn 3! I was really happy with this result, it was textbook game plan execution. It seemed like the first time that I had a solid battle plan with the Legion and it went according to plan with no major dramas. G4. Stormcast... NO VEXILLOR!!!!!! Elliott's army had a lot of bodies but I don't think he had the experience with using it and threw it forwards piecemeal. I was able to win the scenario fairly easily after he failed a double 1 charge with a unit of 10 Paladins that could of made the final 2 turns very interesting. You always need a bit of luck to get the results! I used my hidden agenda in this one to draw out Vandus and kill him on my turn 1 after he moved into 18" range of Drazhoath but behind the terrain that in this scenario blocked line of sight. G5, another Ben and this time Stormcast with Star Drake, Vexillor, 10 Retributers and a Duardin flame cannon! I was worried here so deployed the 2 death shriekers to make sure Ben chose first turn (or get 6 shots into the vexillor). Ben teleported the Drake into my army, killed a load of infantry but also took 4 wounds from Drazhoath being able to pile into him. In my turn the drake died to massed magic and shooting. He was in 6" of both my 1 use D3 mortal wound weapons, in range of both magmas, and all 4 damage spells. I didn't event have to shoot the Deathshriekers at it! After that it was just a case of shooting off the footslogging Paladins and grabbing his objective. The final game was against another army that I thought I would really struggle against. Lewis had 2 gaunt summoners and a max summon pool. He took first turn and summoned 40 plague bearers and 6 Flamers! Luckily for me the gate that Skarbrand wanted to travel through ended up being closed and later the gate that blew up was in Lewis' deployment zone. The game came down to a the last turn when 5 wrathmongers had to charge 10 infernal guard to shift them off my gate and win the game but they failed another minimum distance charge (a turn after a soul grinder had done the same!). So I ended up with 5 wins and 5th place!!! I used the Iron Deamon in all 5 games too!!!! After the event I found out that I had been selected as one of the 6 armies getting voted for community choice for best army on the Games Workshop Age of Sigmar page. I was lucky enough to win that ! Thanks for reading!
  17. I think deployment is still a huge part of Warhammer but many people seem to have forgotten this, or are unwilling to adapt from their old method. If someone has a fast army and have lined up front and centre then it's obvious that there is potential for them to swarm you with a double turn. If you get deployment wrong you can leave yourself open to a smashing or be in a position to not take advantage of a double turn. In my game 6 I deployed like this My intention was to stop him deploying units on my long table edge (no space to be placed out of 3" and no way of getting through the gates after my first turn. I intended to rush his gate on my left with the iron Deamon while shooting the units and try and bring my own units on in his rear. The right gate would be dealt with by Drazhoth. My 2x 15 shooters were ready to teleport into position to kill any monsters that threatened me. Overall I won but it was tight and came down to him failing a double 1 charge. Looking back I think I would have played it the same, I have a shooty army so priority had to be stop him getting my warmachines while shooting the units that were drip fed to me thought he realmgate travelling
  18. Ben

    Next unread post

    Across all sub forums in that category?
  19. Ben

    Adding your own club

    Yep. I need to put a sticky post in the section saying how to request a new group added.
  20. Ben

    Building an army

    No, but you can have Chaos grand alliance and a load of the 'Khorne' keyword stuff crosses over between Khonne Deamon and Khnone Bloodbound (2 factions)
  21. I killed me a Skarbrand at the weekend. Went down surprisingly easy #pewpewpew
  22. Ben

    Building an army

    You can do what ever you like but at events they are sticking to either Alliances, or Factions. I used a single faction at SCGT even though it was an Alliance event I'd suggest that your Khorne army is a good start
  23. Ben


    There were 150 Retributers at the South Coast GT but why would you take any of the other paladins when these are so good! Pro's and Cons of the other types?
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