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  1. Hi Warhammer fans! I have just added a new feature to the forums in the form of a faction subform. https://www.tga.community/forums/forum/159-cities-of-sigmar/ We are still unsure as to whether this is best for the Forum or not but we are going to test this out with Cities of Sigmar due to the fact that it is such a big and varied faction Over the next week or two there will be some moving around and changing of layout as we figure out how best to introduce this or even if it is the way to go so don’t be too concerned if things are changing Feel free to leave some feedback in here or in the feedback section if you think the sub factions is a good or bad thing. Thanks, Ben.
  2. https://bloodandglory.baddice.co.uk/shop/ Blood and Glory 2019 movie - HD 720p.mov
  3. EXCITING STUFF Saturday night at B&G will not only be drinking, and tom foolery, we are hosting a Games Workshop preview seminar 😱 Don't miss out on all the juicy new info get your ticket and stick around in the evenings to carry on the fun and games.
  4. Get your tickets here ...... https://bloodandglory.baddice.co.uk/shop/ #BloodandGlory #ageofsigmar #Warhammer #gamesworkshop #warhammeraos #warhammerageofsigmar #AoS #GW #40k #chaos #order
  5. I've been asked for my Facehammer GT lists a couple of times so I thought i'd post it in here. I came 4th from 81 players. Daughters of Khaine - Temple: Hagg Nar Mortal Realm: Aqshy Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood (330) - General - Trait: Devoted Desciples - Artefact: Ignax Scales - Blessing of Khaine Hag Queen (90) - Catechism of Murder Hag Queen (90) - Blood Sigil - Sacrament of Blood - Martyr's Sacrifice Morathi High Oracle of Khaine (480) - Lore of Shadows: Mindrazor 30 x Sisters of Slaughter (300) - Barbed Whips and Blade Bucklers 30 x Witch Aelves (300) - Sacrificial Knives and Blade Bucklers 10 x Witch Aelves (120) - Sacrificial Knives and Blade Bucklers 5 x Khinerai Lifetakers (80) 5 x Khinerai Lifetakers (80) Cauldron Guard (120) Total: 1990 / 2000 This was a 5 round event, scoring was ETC style with 14 points on the battle plan and a further 4 for Hidden Agendas and 2 for Kill Points. G1 vs @Chris Tomlin and his Order Draconis. He had 2 drops and made me go first. Loss on the major but managed to get a 5 points from the one. It was shifting objectives and it shifted against me late in the game when I didn't have the chance of getting to it. Should have left some lifetakers in the sky!!! G2 vs Fyreslayers with all the tricks. 20 Hearthguard block with Armour and -1 to wound buffs. I won this by concentrating on the battle plane (places of arcane power) and managed to go all in on the black after I was far enough ahead to have secured the major win. I chose to go first here. G3 vs @Dangermouse425 and his TerraDan list. in Total Commitment 🥳 Dan went all in for the double turn and didn't get it. It was pretty brutal after that. Dan game me t1 G4 vs @Adymc and Godseekers Hedonites. I took a t1 charge into his whole army with Morathi and buffed witches. Managed to soak up enough damage to let my sisters of slaughter mop up while staying ahead on the battle plan. I chose to go first in this one. G5 vs @Adam Hall with Godseeker Hedonites, this time the Seeker Cabal list with 6" pile ins. A much tougher list and it went down to the wire. It was nearly all over on turn 2 but a damaged Morathi couldn't quite put down the Epitome to shut off the summoning leaving it with 2 wounds and thh chance to summon back around 50 Depravity points worth of units. Adam game me turn 1. Morathi transformed, took a bunch of buffs and flew into a Keeper killing it in one go. Highlights were Morathi being a constant baller. In the last game she was 3/4" from the front line but I surrounded her with bodies so the shortest transformation deployment was directly forwards. That meant when I went first and transformed it put her nearly 10" closer to the enemy and she ended up needing a 7" charge. Also, Witches buffed for defence and taking massive punches every game. Bucklers, Blessing, Martyrs. Its a solid combo. Late game Cauldren of Blood, Witchbrew, Rune of Khaine kills pretty much anything. I went first in all 5 games! I rolled a 1 on Blessing of Khaine once all tournament, rolled a few 2's too. Didn't miss Iron Circlet at all. The additional prayer was excellent. What I did miss was a 2nd spell caster just to add a bit more flexibility in the hero phase. Not sure how I would ever fit it in though. Morathi was in Shadow Queen aspect all tournament. Over all top 10 . Luke Morton Idoneth Deepkin 1 Bryan Carmichael Hedonites of Slaanesh 2 Dan Bradshaw Skaventide 3 Ben Curry Daughters of Khaine 4 Laurie H-W Sylvaneth 5 Mark Wildman Blades of Khorne 6 JP Stevens Hedonites of Slaanesh 7 James Tinsdale Idoneth Deepkin 8 Tom Mawdsley Legion of Grief 9 Ritchie Mcalley Gloomspite Gitz 10 @Antipodean7
  6. Hi, i'm in Derby. Would be up for a game at Warhammer World sometime. Wednesday evenings are best. @Stevewren @Ben Johnson
  7. You and @Andy Bryan are the only two that have played them all I think.
  8. Don't miss out. Get your tickets here ... https://bloodandglory.baddice.co.uk/shop/
  9. Thanks! Why are the X-Bow judicators coming in so high? Doesn't look right that one.
  10. Evening all. has anyone done a damage output comparison sheet for SCE shooters? Interested in comparing them all and also looking at points per damage caused (at a given armour save) Both Raptors Judicators Castigators Ballistas Prosecutors with Javs. Thanks in advance!
  11. Ben


    @Gaz Taylor should be able to help with this.
  12. Get yourself a custom title, All you have to do is follow this link and post your best Warhammer joke, and have the most upvotes in one week time.
  13. Lay them on me. Your best warhammer jokes. Feel free to up and Down vote. The highest upvoted in 1 weeks time will get a custom title like my Supreme Hellsmith one. (This has never been done before on TGA!!)
  14. We just reached £1000 in donations! Thanks to everyone who has donated so far and I just wanted to say a massive thank you 😍😍😍😍😍
  15. Here is the full rundown.
  16. Ben

    Spirit of Aqshy

    I love this! Very moody
  17. lots of interest in Deepkin changes. I didn't realise they were so heavily followed.
  18. Ben

    Patreon account

    Thanks for the offer! You can do this here - https://www.tga.community/subscriptions/ thanks!!!!
  19. Morning all, If you are going to be the new Citadel Colour paints please consider using Element Games via our link to support the site. Thanks!
  20. The reason I don’t break it down is due to death by subforums. Im happy to give this some consideration, but to split the factions into battletomes it would be adding a ton of subforums and most of these will be very little posts. Look at sites like Dakka and Warseer with tons of subforums that have no posts in them. You end up with bloated boards that look unused
  21. We are looking for advertisers to help support the site. At TGA we already promote our trusted and recommended products and suppliers to help cover the running costs of the forum but we are now opening that offer to more potential advertisers. If you are interested in advertising with TGA please contact @Ben via DM or email bencurry@baddice.co.uk thanks,
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