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    Nice job man!!!!
  2. Thanks for the update Chris! Looking forward to this one
  3. Now that Stormcast have a dedicated spot on the forums I thought we could have some discussions around the various builds in the Stormcast book. Shootcast is one of the hot lists. Who is playing Shootcast, what are you running, which combos do you finds best and which are less effective?
  4. The reason is a financial one. This site still does not pay for itself. It's funded entirely by me, helped by donations and sponsors. Costs (From the software and hosting provider) and are based on the number of currently viewing members over a 24 hour period. i.e. currently, on average, at any one time we have between 300-400 users on the site, 24 hours a day. This is in addition to AWS Amazon media hosting and the email provider too. its roughly £350-400 per month As subforms are added, and they go behind a login I am hoping that the registered users will become more likely to be ongoing members of the community, and possibly help support the community rather than viewers from afar. Also, it's easier to show sponsors that we have xxx logged in and active members. If people are not interested in being members of our community then they will not visit as and the hosting costs may come down. I would prefer an amazing community with 100 active members that really support each other and love what we are all building here, over 60,000 casual readers (this is our unique monthly visitor figures) I will also be putting Google Adsense display ads all over the site that will be visible to only non-logging in users. I'm not a fan of this as it doesn't look great, but with more logged in users it will Its still free for members, its just going to need a log-in to access parts of the site.
  5. Morning all. Further to this trial I have changed the way the 'Order' forum is displayed. You now get: -Order - List of Sub forums -Order , Cities, so on.... I have also added a Stormcast Subforum as this is the next largest faction. At the moment I don't think we need a sub form for every faction (around 50 in total!) but the larger ones can be split off. I will continue to trial this in Order, but will roll it out to other Grand Alliances soon. I think Death might be next as they are distinct factions in FEC, NH, OBR and teh rest in Mixed Death forum. I have also restricted subforms to members. You can see the forum but need to be logged in to view.
  6. I just want to say a huge thanks to everyone who attended Blood and Glory this year. We had a cracking time and hope everyone else did too. The winners are:
  7. Thanks to everyone who cam to this! The armies and tables looked amazing.
  8. Ben

    Overlapping UI

    thanks, i'll look into this.
  9. THE RUGBY WORLD CUP!!!!!!!!! ok, let’s start with the most asked question. The Rugby world cup WILL be shown at the venue on Saturday morning. If you want to skip game 1 to watch the match you have 2 options. Come along on Friday evening and play round 1. Arrive for 7pm and we will do a pre-draw with all players wanting to play early. You will play your round 1 as usual and then continue into round 2 at 1pm on Saturday. Skip game 1 all together (scoring zero points) and start from round 2. Either option is fine by us but we do need to know what you will be doing by fill-in gin the form on here - https://bloodandglory.baddice.co.uk/2019/10/2019-all-the-pre-event-info/ Age of Sigmar Event Details We have 3 Age of Sigmar events at Blood and Glory 2019. Friday morning – Vanguard – <– Get Tickets Here –> This is a single play 1250 points event kicking off at 12 midday and running to around 6pm Saturday Evening Vanguard Mini <– Get Tickets Here –> This is a fast a furious 750 points single event starting at 7pm and running until late Age of Sigmar Championships The full weekends championship event B&G AoS Rulespack B&G Vanguard Events Rulespack – We are reusing the 2018 rules pack for this event this covers 1250 and 750 points. <– Get Tickets Here –> __________________________ Warhammer 40,000 Event Details Here is all the information you need for playing in the Warhammer 40,000 events at Blood & Glory 2018. Over the 3 days of events you’ll be able to test yourself over 3 different formats along with kill team. Friday –12.00 Registration running until 6pm <– Get Tickets Here –> We are re-using the 2018 rulespack for both these events. 1000pt Outrider Event. These will be played using randomized missions from Chapter Approved using both a mix of Eternal War and Maelstrom of War missions. Bring your 1000pt army and play some quickfire games with us after lunch on the Friday. Friday – 19.00 Registration running until 10pm <– Get Tickets Here –> 600pt Outrider Event. Playing 3 rapid fire games using custom missions revealed on the day you’ll be battling with your skirmish force against opponents to either strengthen your beachhead or strengthen your grip the settlements under your control. Playing 600pt games late into the evening is something we’re hoping takes your fancy. The pack for both outrider events can be found here – Blood and Glory Outrider Events Saturday and Sunday –08:00 Registration. 1st game 09:00 both days The Blood & Glory Warhammer 40,000 Championship runs on both Saturday and Sunday during the day. This is the main event. Playing the missions shown below over 5 games we’ll be battling to crown our Grand Champion. This year we are playing ITC Champions Missions. These can all be found here The rulespack for the 40k Championship can be found here – https://bloodandglory.baddice.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/bloodandglory2019_40k_v1.pdf __________________________________________________ Horus Heresy and Titanucus Event Details Horus Heresy If you want to play a honed game of Horus Heresy where each player is pitted against the other on a completely even format and all the variables can be judged then this is not the event for you, war is not fair. Environmental effects, the machinations of the enemy and even the ground you are fighting on can influence the tide of battle. Your job is to fight no matter the odds – the fate of Terra may depend upon it….. Friday Evening – Horus Heresy Centurion – Registration at 7pm Format: 3 games of ‘Centurion’ Age of Darkness Rulespack – BG-CenturionDownload <– Get Tickets Here –> Saturday and Sunday A 2 day 5 game Narrative event. Saturday: 08:30 Registration. 3 Games running from 09:30 – 18:45 Sunday: 2 Games running from 09:45 – 17:00 You can download the rules pack here: Horus Heresy B&G Adeptus Titanucus When Titans clash apocalyptic forces are unleashed. Energies that were not meant to be contained in the weapons of man distort the environment as they are let loose. Terrible creatures are drawn by the disturbances caused by conflict. Terrible things happen in the midst of war and control is just an illusion, be expected to deal with the unexpected. A 2 day 5 game Narrative event. Saturday: 08:30 Registration. 3 Games running from 09:30 – 18:45 Sunday: 2 Games running from 09:45 – 17:00 Adeptus Titanicus B&G _______________________________ Saturday Evening – Seminar and Raffle The Games Workshop Preview Seminar kicks off at 8.30pm followed by the charity raffle. The food area and bar and gaming hall is open throughout and everyone is welcome to join us for drinks and open gaming. _________________________________ The Full Timetable
  10. 😆🤣😂 #warhammerdout #fedup #needsLucozade
  11. Sydney GT winning list. thanks for @Antipodean7 for sharing on twitter.
  12. What's your game face? Blood and Glory 2019, It's going to be Awesome. Don't miss out get your tickets here ..... https://bloodandglory.baddice.co.uk/shop/ #BloodandGlory #ageofsigmar #Warhammer #gamesworkshop #warhammeraos #warhammerageofsigmar #AoS #GW #40k #paintingwarhammer #paintingforgeworld #painting #chaos #order
  13. Dragon with a Crossbow! Nice. I'll add that to the list of amazing Living City combos.
  14. I've been furiously writing lists and I think i'm going to be using my Black Dragon again, and also have a good excuse to finish painting my 2nd one too. So assuming the list is build around getting the most from the dragon, what is the best combo? The stand out one so far for me is Dreadlod on Dragon, Lance and Shield. Allegiance: Phoenicium Trait: Seeker of Vengance If combo'd right he can get +1/+1 for a friendly unit being destroyed, and +3 attacks on the lance. With his command ability the whole model is hitting on 2+ wounding on 2+. the lance does rend 2 damage 2, the dragon is serious stuff too.
  15. I based mine as soon as AoS was released. No guidance from GW. I though they look ridiculous on 25mm's so went with 32.
  16. If only some had asked what changes the community would like to see....
  17. This is what i'm not sure on. I don't want 100's and 100's of subforms everywhere, then again, a big lists of Order sub forums will clog up the order discussions thread. Its possible that 'Order' will become a container for Order Discussion forum, Cities Forum, xxx nation forum and so on.
  18. More good reasons to get your ticket. Don't miss out, it's going to be awesome. https://bloodandglory.baddice.co.uk/shop/
  19. I'm not sure on the Darklings/dispossessed/so on.... This could sit under cities, but I also feel that those threads might die off now. Do we think i should move it all to the Cities Subforum?
  20. they are small compared to Fyreslayers. and on 25mm bases instead of 32's
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