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  1. Thisis what I use to. But just a pile of silver ones.
  2. Some more of my thoughts on the event: Saturday Masters event is so it makes it as accessible as possible for players and spectators. A Friday event would be less likely to have a top 16 attendance, less likely to be watched by the maximum amount of people at home. Going on the side of a GT is for a similar reason, and getting a bye in the event for reaching the masters is its own reward in that you get a stab at rankings points on the board next year when you play the masters, instead of having to choose the masters instead of another weekend away event. In a perfect world this wouldn't be an issue as people will want to play regardless of where and when the masters is held, but we are not there yet. On the streaming side of things, with a live audience, it might be an option to have the game in a separate room and the streamers be the thing that people are watching. Interaction with the crowd, with live Q+A about the final could be a thing that would keep it interesting and exciting. I really don't think keeping it interesting will be an issue. We would have all the other masters players on-site to drop in and out of the coverage of the final to talk about their games, especially the defeated opponents of the finalists.
  3. https://elementgames.co.uk/paints-hobby-and-scenery/element-essentials/element-movement-trays?d=10151 These are ether ones to use
  4. I make combat Dice already. - This is a 6 sided dice that has different tokens on each face. 3 different dice for 18 different tokens. Have look here - Scenerydice.co.uk
  5. global rankings. World final. It’s all possible. Summer 2020 is far enough away to get things rolling too.
  6. Agreed. It needs some work. Icons and factions are an easy fix.
  7. It’s a great idea. I’ve been championing it for 11 years now since I stole it from the Oz guys who started the rankings and the likes of Adi Mac and the WPS who ran the champion of champions events in the 90’s
  8. I spoke with the players at this years masters already. It would be good to hear your feedback on what its like to take part in the masters and how you think this could change in the future @Jack Armstrong @Russ Veal @JustPlay-Ritchie @Age of The Erstwood @Kanamorf @Dan.Ford @Fireborn33 @Beardyface @Donal @ravman @Ben Johnson
  9. The Future of the Masters I love warhammer. I love the community. I love getting together with my mates and playing games, I love meeting new people and having this wonderful hobby in common. I love to see the wide and varied communities from all around the world doing amazing things to do with Warhammer. Tournament gaming is a massive part of this. The ETC is a fantastic example of what is possible, but so are events like Adepticon, Cancon, Gencon, UK Games Expo and even our own UK events like Blood and Glory, SCGT, Facehammer GT, BOBO, Blood tithe and all the way down the local stores running club nights and weekend one dayers. The Masters has always been my way of celebrating the game, and giving a thank you to the community for supporting my podcast, events and hobby. I have a vision for the Masters where it is an amazing weekend of warhammer, with the top players from all across the world getting together to celebrate the game and find the champion. Events like the Crossfit Games and the League of Legends worlds show that amazing and huge live events, for the niche topics can be possible, and if there is enough interest it can be made to happen. If this is the dream of an Age of Sigmar Masters event, what does it look like next year? A full on spectator event in front of a live audience! A knockout tournament where the entrants are seeded by their rankings position, with the final game played between the last players standing to see who takes the title of Age of Sigmar Master! The champion will be crowned in front of a live audience. Next year I will be running the Masters alongside the Bad Dice GT in the summer of 2020. The Masters event itself will be switching from a Swiss style 2 day tournament to a single day 4 round knockout event with the final taking place on the Saturday evening of the infront of a live audience. We have the venue booked already with a theatre hall and tiered seating that can seat the entire field from the GT plus spectators. We have a local company who we can work with to supply huge screens and media walls, and of course the option to live stream the whole event. The current rankings season is going to run for the next 18 months for this season to allow for the date change of the masters. (yes this means that Jan-June event will occur twice in this season, but going forwards will settle back down into a routine) This means the rankings season that started 10th December 2018, will run until the summer of 2020, roughly an extra 6 months. This should put us in line with the traditional GHB and game system updates for future years. The details for this are still in progress, and plans can be made and ironed out over the next 12-18 months. At this stage all that is set in stone is that in 2020 the event is moving to the summer and running alongside the Bad Dice GT. So how can it be the best it can be? I'm looking for feedback, ideas and support from the community to make this the best event possible. I have ideas but I am sure there are things that can be done I haven't even considered and I would love for the entire community to pull together to get behind this. Please let me know what you think, and what you could suggest that might make this the worlds greatest Warhammer Event!
  10. I'm looking to expand Scenery Dice. I have ideas for new products but I am interested to hear what you think is missing from the accessories market at the moment. thanks,
  11. I like that. it adds an extra step but works well.
  12. I can put the other links in too yes. Can you post and up in here and I will get (@gaz to get) them added
  13. Its in the gallery on this site. look for Ben Curry Legion of Azgorh
  14. Check your notification options in your profile
  15. I like this! Do you think the 18 battle plans across 6 rounds might throw up some odd situations or not? Are they different enough to split down into 3's?
  16. I've heard talk about the ETC doing a system linked to Hidden agendas. Playing them open and playing 2 per player. You would get 16 points for a major victory and 1 point for each Hidden Agenda Scored, and opponents stopped. I love this! I'd even consider using Major back to 14 and finding 2 more points to fill with things other than the straight up battle plan
  17. Hi everyone, I wanted to have a discussion around rules packs for team events. When I wrote the 6 Nations pack I thought that no duplicate war scrolls was quite an elegant solution, it forced diversity while sill allowing some duplicates in the case of limited player availability (not all gaming groups have access to all factions). Smart teams could even bring power factions with clever use of scrolls (Caludron Guard and Slaughter Troupe DoK for by Team France at the recent GW event for example) I believe @Marc Wilson has pushed this further with Blood Tithe, and now the ETC rulespack is up for discussion too. What would you like to see in a team event rules pack, what makes it good/bad. I will be using these ideas in the rules pack for the Bad Dice Team championship this summer!
  18. Paint my backlog. 😂😂😂😂 I said win the lottery not transform into an alternate universe!
  19. Fill in the blank a bit of Monday morning fun. If I won the lottery I would.... I’m talking a big win Euro millions style. Obviously a Tesla or two, a big house and holidays after that, I’ve always wanted to buy and refurb a huge derelict warehouse in Derby https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/incredible-aerial-footage-shows-shocking-407040.amp it would be the mother of all gaming centres! What is everyone else’s hobby day dreams?
  20. Event Title: Bad Dice BASH @ Boards and Swords Sun 10th March Event Author: Ben Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 10/03/2019 The Bad Dice Bash is our monthly Age of Sigmar event, The next one is on Sunday 10th March Previous results: FEB Held at Boards and Swords in Derby. ++++GET TICKETS HERE ++++ Terrain and Tables provided, Just turn up with your army ready to play. Lunch included in ticket price, trophies and prizes to be won. Held at the awesome Boards and Swords Hobbies 3 Jubilee Parkway, Jubilee Business Park Stores Road, Derby, DE21 4BJ CONTACT: BENCURRY@BADDICE.CO.UK Only 18 places available for this event. Get a ticket now so you don't miss out. G1 - 10AM G2- 1PM G3 - 4PM Scoring MAJOR WIN - 30 MINOR WIN - 20 DRAW 15 MINOR LOSS - 10 LOSS - 0 Painting Unpainted armies are allowed. No proxies. Fully painted armies will be awarded 5 tournament points The winner is the player finishing the event on the most tournament points. Ties are decided by the person with the most victory points destroyed during the event. ++++GET TICKETS HERE ++++
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