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  1. I haven’t played aos in a long time. I have some Fyreslayers from when they first came out. Can anyone help me with a 2k list? I know I’ll need to buy some more but here’s what I have so far Runefather runesmiter Runemaster runeson on magmadroth battlesmith doomaeeker Grimwrath berserker fjul-grimnir 2x10 vulkite berserkers pick and shield 3x5 auric hearthguard Chosen axes
  2. Anyone have some tips on building an all squig list. As competitive as it can be? I was looking at the squigalanche battalion
  3. Ah hat makes sense. Thanks for all the tips I really appreicate it. Which cauldron do you guy like best?
  4. So the main benefit being in turn three they get reroll all failed wounds. Is the big unit size so that they make it to turn three Alive? What size do you typically use 10-15? What’s the benefit of one big unit. Isn’t it just a massive target vs running a bunch of min sized units?
  5. I don’t need to have all snakes or even mostly. Just thought it would look cool.
  6. Took a break from AOS for awhile came back for DOK. Played a few games today. A temple nest and a unit of warlocks. Played against nurgle ( all blight kings and plaguebeaera) and against an all squig army ( gobba, three sorceror dot whatever they are called, herder and tons of squigs). Granted im just coming back to AOS from 40k but for a glass cannon type army, it felt more just like glass to me with no cannon. I have two cauldrons to build yet. I do have morathi. And some sister. And one more box of snakes. Also have two boxes of khinerai. Any list building tips? I ideally wanted mostly snakes but I don’t know how well that will work out. Thanks
  7. I’ve played quite a few games so far. Four as stormcast, three as khorne, three as skeletons and one as orks. I found stormcast and khorne both to be straightforward and both very solid. I won all three as khorne. The expansions seem to be requiring way more tactics/strategy especially the skeletons. Skeletons I went 0/3. Orks I won my only game and stormcast I am 3/4.
  8. How about fyreslayers riding baby magmadroths as a cavalry unit
  9. Thor0298

    Events UK: Alliance

    What did the number one and two lists look like?
  10. Thor0298

    List help

    what stormcast makes them lose the 5+ ward save?
  11. They were first shot with jezzails, then they sent a good size unit of blight kings through the realmgate and popped up right next to them. Between the two, lots of damage. edit: there may have been a plague law attack also. Which did 2d6 damage because over ten. And there were two plagueclaws
  12. I know people think that a bunch of arrowboyz seems mean but when I ran with two groups of thirty one group was wiped before doing anything I don't know that it is that mean as they don't stick around long I'd be more worried about running that many and having a ton run away anyone have some battle reports with lists that have played lately?
  13. It's interesting. My local store is almost even between all factions and currently chaos is in the lead. I think I've seen everyone lead at some point except death
  14. is they are considered summoning i would have to agree. it is a bit unfortunate. as, unlike summoning, you only get one chance for each unit, summoning you could try each turn. kind of makes the points for that kind of a waste
  15. So that list on the previous page that was over 1900 where he said he could bring them back on a 6 he really couldn't because he'd go over his limit? Ive looked at that clan but counting on rolling a 6 or losing those points seems silly to me. Or am I missing something
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