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  1. So..... I'm guessing there is no way of making a archeon competative army? Perhaps I should just sell Archeon and the Varanguard then?
  2. I would like to be able to make a competative army using the following: Archeon One unit of 3xVaranguard I could do any god for this army. I have these two new in boxes for about a year, but I cant find a way to make a army around them, could you guys please help me? Thank you in advance for all your replies! Kind regards /S
  3. I am thinking on using his ability to choose Another unit after be attacks. And then choose the buffed up mor boys.
  4. But is it "sucky" or alright? My local meta is kind of competative and i dont wanna get steam rolled every game. Any good combos i can pull off with this?
  5. I'm new to bonesplitterz and I am doing them at a slow grow. This is what I am aiming at: Savage big boss Wurrgog prophet Maniak Weirdnob Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (ally) Wardokk 30x arrow boys 30x arrow boys 30x Morboys 5x Boarboys 1x Mangler Squig (ally) 1980p Am i far off not using any battalions? Will this work? Kind regards
  6. I am aiming on the following (no battalion) 30x arrow boys 30x arrow boys 30x morboys 5x boar riders 1x mangler squig (ally) 1x maniak weirdnob (ally) 1x orruk boss 1x prophet And then 2 more casters. What casters and what spells is what i need help with
  7. Hey I am doing a 2000p bonesplitterz army. I want to ally in a ironjawz weirdnob to get +2 casting from all the orruks. What other casters/bonesplitterz spells would be good for mortal wound spam and to support arrow boys and morboys? Looking for atlest 3 more casters. Thank you in advance for all your help!
  8. except for the "one drop" advantage, what does the warclan give me? are the maniaks on boars (the ones that lets you attack two times each combat phase) nothing to look at? Or the regular pig riders for that matter?
  9. I dont wanna go double rukk. Was thinking perhaps the maniaks on boars. Msu style or moorboys but i dont know how viable they are or what support they need
  10. I have started a boneplitterz army and would like some help on what to do with it. I Will do kunnin rukk and the units "set in stone" are the following: 1x foot boss 30x arrow boys 30x arrow boys 1x mangler squig (ally) The rest is up for debate. I am aiming on 2000p army. Please help me out!
  11. without blightkings and nurglings i have 260 points leftover. What could I use theese points for to add more punch to the list?
  12. Blightkings are amazing when you get the buffs to reroll 1s to hit and wound. Nurglings are there because after GHB 2017 i got 90 points left over to spend somewhere
  13. I have a list with glottkin I would like you fine people to judge. The list is: Glottkin Epidemius Demon prince of nurgle with wings ang axe Demon prince of nurgle with wings ang axe 30 x Plaguebearers 10 x Marauders, Mark of nurgle, axe and shield 10 x Marauders, Mark of nurgle, axe and shield 5 x Blightkings 5 x Furies, Mark of nurgle 3 x Nurglings Plagueclaw catapult Plagueclaw catapult 1990 points. I think it will work in this meta of big hordes. Thing with glott and 30 plaguebearers is that it is hard not to get stuck with plaguebearers, they have a HUDGE footprint and with glottkin they might aswell be a immortal (atleast it feels that way) I wonder if I should use nurglings for summoning, but i dont know if it is worth it because glott will use both his spells on the plaguebearers each turn. At max epidemius buff the pair demon princes rock a 2+ save and with the nurgle wheel thingie, they will do some healing. Any way to maximize this list more? Thank you in advance for all feedback!
  14. Nu nurgle list is as follows: Glottkin Epidemius 2x nurgle deamon Prince, wings and axe 2x plagueclaw catapults 30x plaguebearers 10x marauders, Mark of nurgle, shield and axe 10x marauders, Mark of nurgle, shield and axe 5x blightkings 5x furies, Mark of nurgle All tips om inprovements are welcome
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