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  1. You can only use Unleash Hell during your opponent's charge phase. Being able to charge in hero or combat phase prevents your opponent from using Unleash Hell. Furthermore, a MK with Fast'Un mount trait successfully charging during the hero phase (12'' move + 6'' charge) prevents your opponent using Unleash Hell or Redeploy.
  2. Hobgrot Slittaz does have the Kruleboyz keyword. Marshcrawla Sloggoth's +1 to hit aura is friendly units, not Kruleboyz units, i guess it means something.
  3. The same mistake is on the app. So i do not think this is a mistake. He can be played in Gloom's ally i guess.
  4. Mashcrawler Sloggoth does not have the Kruleboyz keyword, you can play it only in Big Waaagh!, unfortunately not in a Kruleboyz list.
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