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  1. Man, I really hope they do that. That would be a really interesting take on factio terrain. Also a very consumer friendly one, where we could make makeshift barriers with like, pieces of sprues and leftover bits. Didnt use the shield bits on a kit? Cut some of the sprues and glue them together. Wood elves could have something more nature like like thorn walls, duardin could have some stone walls....ah shiet, there goes my brain hyping again
  2. I know people had a lot of success mixing 40k and AoS with Khorne since the Khorne berzerker minis are somewhat old. If you ever need inspiration I would check that out.
  3. Im not sure its a knight mostly because that claw looks very different from the claws we have right now. I think thats part of the warpsmith tentacles, specifically the flamethrower one on the bottom Pics to illustrate:
  4. I think its the swords plus the similarities between the spider's collar and the corsair's collar? Tbh I dont really see it either
  5. They could just be elves that worship chaos. Isnt the whole point of StD that they are the tribes that used to live on the realms and got enslaved into serving chaos? Im sure there must've been a couple of elves that got enslaved by chaos. They dont have to be related to one of the elven gods, just like the CoS elves are not. Even tho I COULD see if someone confirmed this as Malerion elf, it doesnt have to be tbh. Edit: looks like one of the splintered fang warband is an elf already (top right). So we have a precedent for it just being a chaos worshiping elf.
  6. The article talks about "the rest of his brood" so I would assume so?
  7. Nevermind, there is an article: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/10/18/this-new-warcry-fighter-loves-spiders-so-much-he-made-one-into-a-horrifying-mask/
  8. So, I think GW posted the warcry video by accident? Cause I dont see an article or a social media post.
  9. Anything? Jokes aside, Im most excited for faction updates tbh. I wanna see what they do with destruction (mostly ogor), duardin etc. I especially want to see plastic versions of older kits for the factions that still have to use resin or even metal.
  10. To be fair even non space marine 40k fans bash new space marines release. Heck, even space marine fans bash new space marines releases from time to time. Its frankly a pilar of the community at this point
  11. The sad part about that joke is that this is actually the first time you can buy the lieutenant on that configuration on his own. You either have to buy the recruit box or you have to convert him from the bladeguard veteran kit (wich is what 99% of people did)
  12. If I didnt miss anything on the sprue, sadly no. I think you *might* be able to fit a different head in there but that might require some conversion work
  13. Are they? I know they are Angelos conclave but so are Prosecutors. I thought they were the Stormstrike equivalent of Prosecutors. Is this info from the new book? Edit: I also double checked the warscroll. All the Angelos Vanguard troops seem to have the vanguard keyword but the charriot does not. That says to me that they're just angelos conclave. The flavor text also expressly refers to the as angelos conclave so maybe they are not from vanguard chambers? Unless thats a lore bit I dont remember I dont see why they are from a Vanguard chamber.
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