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  1. Correct me if I am wrong but it should be that if I pay for the app, I don't pay for the battletomes. If I buy the battletomes, I technically don't need to get the app. When you no longer pay for the subscription, you lose access to the battletome information...I don't see the issue here nor the need to double gouge. I am trying to be optimistic here, but as a new player I feel like GW is charging me left, right, and centre for things that should be free. You are charging for miniatures; charging for rules seems so...backwards?
  2. This may be the wrong thread to ask, but for vanari units with wizards...i thought they could obtain a spell from the spell list in addition to the power of hysh? The app doesn't allow you to add a spell to the unit(s). Was I interpreting this wrong the entire time?
  3. I like collecting the battletomes, but bringing them to a game....lumineth realm lords battletome, Teclis Forgotten Realms, FAQ on cellphone, Rulebook...it adds up and sort of sours the experience.
  4. Is it less than if you were to buy each unit individually? If so, I'd say yes albeit the battletome/cards are outdated. Funny, I am looking to do the opposite of you - I have a Lumineth Army and found a Idoneth Deepkin Battleforce.
  5. Your message made me call the store again to re-confirm...Now it is an expected release around November. I concluded that they don't really know when it is coming.
  6. I pre-ordered from 401 Games (Canadian) last week. Expected delivery in September. Crazy excited because I loved Hero Quest as a kid.
  7. The whole discontinuance of Cursed City sort of put of damper on me actually playing the game. Does it have staying power or is it sort of a one and done sort of game? I only ask because I have friends to who want to try either Blackstone Fortress or Cursed City but have limited time. As such I sort of need to pick one over the other.
  8. I am so glad I'm not alone burning out on the ridiculous amount of gold trim required for these elves. What is even more cumbersome is the amount of areas each model has that is difficult to get to. If I ever have another army I'm going to pick one with the least amount of detail as possible.
  9. I am new to Age of Sigmar (only played three games so far), but in my experience, I'm not sure why there is even a point giving a shooting/dispel range on these boards...
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