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  1. Depending on the multipart kit's prize. If their cost (X) is higher than the current prize on eBay they could raise it to X-1 and still be "a deal".
  2. Is there a way to hide some or all avatars? While not inapropriate, I find some avatars a little disturbing and I wouldn't want to ignore users just for their choice of avatar.
  3. I like both the Stormcast and the Orruks. Glad there are "only" two kits, plus new book and cards for each released on the same week.
  4. I'd rather have them replace the models than update them with a similar unit. That way I can buy the new ones or keep using the ones I already have. I'm still going to keep using my Liberators, becuase I built and paint them. But it doesn't feel good when they release a new unit that fills the same role, but better. Hope with the new book all the warscrolls are balanced.
  5. The Gotrek model is fantastic. I just want some new Dwarves that look as cool as it. We could get a whole new faction, reimagining the classic army, as the LRL did for the High Elves. But that would mean that there are 3 (possibly 4, with the evil cousins) duardin factions in the game. And that's madnees, that's Aelf levels of variety, and only them get the special treatment. But most likely I see GW doing what they've done to the Orcs. Group them together, the new models being a subfaction and the others not getting much love.
  6. To me, one of the big selling points of the regular starters is that they come with a handy rulebook, not a heavy hardcover.
  7. I know we have a new book coming and that it could change "everything". But I see myself playing a lot against the LRL, even before the book comes, and I'm a little lost on how to play against them. Mostly is the big units of Sentinels that can shoot you even without LoS doing Mortals on 6s (or 5+ if they cast the spell).
  8. I've had a couple of 600pts. Path to Glory games (vs Soulblight) and a pitched battle at 1500pts (vs Lumineth). The game is fun. 600pts. is fine to learn the basics, but the impact of every action is far greater. There's not a lot going on, so no hard choices on where to spend the CPs, losing a unit is a huge loss,... Pitched Battles are nice. The secondary ways to earn VPs every turn are cool. I managed to go first every round, but lost my general Turn 1 to lots of shooting, so was starving for CP the entire game. I want to play more... (but if it isn't against Lumineth, better)
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