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  1. The Tournament went surprisingly well. I actually went 2 major wins and 1 major loss. Unfortunately that was not enough to get me in the prize money (I tied for 3rd but lost on kill points), but I won a minor prize for most kill points for the Chaos Grand alliance. Round 1 was against Ironjawz. The mission was take and hold and I managed to kill all but my opponents megaboss on foot. So i ended up getting a major victory 1340 VP to 680. Round 2 was against mixed elves. With a frost phoenix, and a lord on dragon, along with 2 of the dark elf bolt thrower. This game went VERY badly, on turn one he killed 40 daemonettes. in the end it came out to a 0 to 1500 major loss. Round 3 was against khorne bloodbound. It didn't go well for my opponent, I managed a 1120 to 0 major win. This game i felt a little bad about, sinply cause my opponent wanted to concede but since there was a prize for most kill points for each Grand Alliance that I couldn't accept his surrender because it would cost me kill points. Overall I enjoyed My list. The real star was the Daemon prince. He put opponents 1 and 3 on tilt a little.
  2. That is just my point though, since you can have a discussion where daemonettes are better against x but significantly worse against y, z, and w it makes it hard to believe that they are the 20% better than bloodletters that the cost says they are.
  3. Unfortunately the meta in my area is to use the GH as written so 1500 pts requires 3 battlelines (also 2 units would break the cohort). If daemonettes were reasonably priced (ie, 100/10 models like the other non ranged/wizard chaos daemon battlelines) I could just run 70 of them in a 30/30/10 configuration.
  4. I just hope they reprice almost all of the Slaanesh Daemons. They are WAAAY overpointed. There is no way a daemonette is 20% better than a bloodletter, yeah they get a shot at extra attacks but I would rather have mortal wounds on the same to hit roll.
  5. I will be attending a 1500 pt tournament this weekend. THis will be my first wargaming tournament in 10+ years. I just wanted to see what people thought of the list I was thinking of taking. I know that I will probably lose every game because Slaanesh Daemons are overcosted and don't take advantage of the ridiculous ranged attack rules, but I like them and want Slaanesh to be represented at my FLGS. Leaders Daemon Prince Of Slaanesh (160) - Artefact: Chaos Runeblade Keeper Of Secrets (280) - General - Trait: Lord of War - Artefact: Chaos Runeblade Herald Of Slaanesh (60) Battleline 20 x Daemonettes Of Slaanesh (240) 20 x Daemonettes Of Slaanesh (240) 20 x Daemonettes Of Slaanesh (240) Units 10 x Seekers Of Slaanesh (240) Battalions Daemon Cohort of Slaneesh (40) Total: 1500/1500
  6. I prefer reaper for paint and GW for washes
  7. Your half joking list isn't that far off from my current idea of 2 venators, an azyros, 3x 5 Judicators, and 6 prosecutors
  8. If it weren't for the fact I would need 2 more boxes of Judicators and 1 more castillent I would totally run that.
  9. Yeah my current army definitely doesn't maximize units while minimizing drops, I have 7 drops
  10. I have seen so many "competitive" Stormcast lists, at 1k, that are exactly the same. Vexillor 2x 5 judicators 10 retributors how is this competitive? I feel like you get the one good charge on but then anything you don't tie up are free to go grab objectives unchallenged. on a side question, I have been thinking about attending a couple local tournaments, but am iffy if it means running lists like that to have a chance of winning. I prefer more balanced and interesting lists.
  11. I am thinking about scrapping this color scene, I feel like it's a little messy. thinking about a simple silver, nuln oil wash, white cloth, and bright red pauldrons. Making a sort of knights Templar look.
  12. I will definitely add Tempestirs when expanding to 1500 or 2000 but at 1k I want to try to keep my body count up so that I will have objective capturing power.
  13. You know, I think you may be right, I just worry about him getting within 10 because if my guys don't mow the enemy down he is gonna get charged big time. that said I like the guy overall. The lantern is cool and I like the flying dudes. I may pull the lords to put in another prosecutor squad (maybe 1 hammer squad and 1 spear just to see) and a knight azyros
  14. Based on the dumbfounded look of the guys at my FLGS when I said I wanted to try a ranged storm host, and the fact that no on the forum has posited the idea, I suspect it will not go well.
  15. I can't tell if this is sarcasm. I suspect it isn't because I didn't use the teleport bomb, but I just can't tell.
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