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  1. Wouldn’t you rather have halberds for an extra ‘row’ of attacks? More attacks offset the lower to wound roll.
  2. Mind if I join as well? I’m new to AoS (I’ve played whfb) and could use some input/inspiration with aos
  3. I’m new to AOS so forgive a noobie question. I just found out that according to gw Furies go on 25mm bases. Mine are mounted on the 32mm ones that came in the box. Is it worth it to rebase them? I understand the advantage of mounting say marauders on 25mm. But is it worth the hassle for the furies? I’m not a tournament player btw
  4. Thanks for the reply. I’m using the ogroids as a base for a Daemonprince conversion. Probably should have been more clear haha. I somehow figured out a regular dp should be the general. Good to hear all is not lost. 30 Marauders lined up still look pretty impressive, and it gives me the opportunity to remove my least-favorite conversions. thanks for the reply, and I’ll probably be back soon for more questions/answers!
  5. Well hello. A year ago corona made me pick up my brush again, and now I’m fully invested in aos (something I swore I would never do when it was announced and I quit the hobby). I guess gw always wins in the end. Anyway, I decided I wanted to collect and play again. I know the rules only a little bit, but I like the idea of a Despoiler list, with multiple Princes and a big cat, maybe led or joined by Be’Lakor. I started at the bottom by converting a big ol’ unit of marauders, I just about finished the 40th only to read they are limited to 30 now! I guess painting 30 is faster than 40… Question 1: Do I even bother painting this unit? Question 2: list building: I have 40 marauders, 6 furies, a big cat, Corvus Cabal, and 2 ogroids that are about to ascend into daemon hood. I’d like to purchase the start collecting box and Be’Lakor. What would you suggest to add or remove for a somewhat viable (but not hyper competitive) list? cheers, max
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