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  1. Nothing new in the faction article but that's to be expected. I do find it funny that they called out Myrmidesh and Symbaresh in the articles though, as even currently I don't think there's actually anything wrong with those units rules-wise, they're just straight up over-costed, which may or may not change in the new edition. However, most of the new rules previews do seem to benefit Hedonites - more MSUs on the table (more depravity), ways to buff our shooting, and the fact that most of our damage output is on hero models could all be interesting shakeups in the list-building phase. Eve
  2. By way of introduction, here are some of my recent Slaanesh painting works
  3. Long time Slaanesh player (since the first GHB) but first time poster here - hello to the wider Hedonites community. Really comprehensive post & I do agree on most accounts, however I do feel the need to discuss this last point a bit. Having a difficult or high skill floor faction is fine, and in fact should be expected from something like Slaanesh, but the faction should also have a high skill ceiling payoff to match, which I don't think is quite there when compared to other factions with similar levels of skill expression. I have a buddy who plays Blades of Khorne who is probably th
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