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  1. So for releases we've got the battletomes and then two units apiece. The gryphchariot, Archer hero, Ork on upright Troggoth and ballista. Oh and dice and data cards and all that stuff. They could well split this into 3 releases if they will all on the smaller side.
  2. Based off one comment in the rumour thread, discussion on a revamp of BOC seems to have taken off again. That got me, as a newbie tempted to start a BOC army wondering: Which models do you think would be unlikely to be updated in a range revamp and which are likely? Any thoughts would be appreciated. For those wondering the comment pointed out that BOC weren't featured in the galleries of factions in a new starter booklet (although were present later on) and theorised that GW didn't want to create an image of a soon to be outdated army.
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