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  1. Since 25 mm is really great in 3.0 due to coherency, do you think the hobgrots are on these? They seem to be on smaller bases then the rest but don't know which size the bigger kruelboyz are on.
  2. I guess you could use it on some turns, but unless you run 2 or more of the svampcallas I would almost use their spell instead. Boardwide +1 and -1 on charge rolls is pretty good.
  3. The two new wizards are given some time today: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/06/08/whos-the-stronger-wizard-in-dominion-sigmars-loreseeker-and-the-kruleboyzs-bog-shaman-face-off/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Facebok&utm_campaign=DailyAoS080621&utm_term=DailyAoS080621&fbclid=IwAR3-QabUaOhqeqHNsuAOiNcjcviMJKn466NRrJFfzbR5SV0UF72NYLYYXW4 The Swampcallas spell was both cool and thematic.
  4. If it would have been the Gitz yes, LRL not so much 😃
  5. Yeah, there is a huge difference in powerful shooting from 18" where the opponent have a chance to counter charge you (expecially with the double turn), and powerful shooting from 24+" where few units can get the ranged unit into combat in one round or even with a double turn. So the ideal shooting for me would be low damage from long distance and powerful shooting where you put your ranged unit in a possibly dangerous situation. However, it is not only shooting that is the problem but also other MW damage from magic etc. that hits very uneven where some armies have could protection and
  6. There could be a Generals Handbook in the summer so there will probably be point changes then. Rumor is that there will be a general increase but no official news about it.
  7. With just the damage profile to look at I guess you don't take him for the damage output but for some buffing he can give to other units. Hopefully heroes will play a bigger role in 3.0 cause the model is kick-ass
  8. Yes, I also hope we will se more freedom in list building with core batallions. It will also mean that a lot of different parts of the army will be used in play, and not only one kind of faction (a la Petrifex before the nerf).
  9. Since they mentioned general battalions in the "8 great new stufff"-videos it feels like that is something that will become more important, and thus that faction batallions will be gone in matched play.
  10. Considering all the teleports in a lot of armies it could be an idea to put the fanatics in the shootas so if someone try to teleport in something to kill your shootas they get a nasty suprise. I think everybody will expect you to put the fanatics in the stabbas so by doing so you might do a lot of havoc in their plans. As for a blob of 60 or 40 it could be good to have another hero to be able to give away battleshock immunity and buff either the boingrots or the stabbas, so a Loonboss an Great Cave Squig could be good. The advantage with boingrots is that they can give MW, so I would
  11. I understood you, but wanted to emphasise your point 😃
  12. I would prefer if they mirror the Gnashtooth, but be a smaller one. Perhaps they could do a dual kit like they did with boingrots and squig hoppers where one have more armor but less movement and the other have less armor and higher mobility.
  13. The only part of the release I don't like are the Hobgrots. I guess with a different paint scheme they could get better for me, but the armour don't click with me and that will be hard to change with paints. The rest of the line is top notch, but if I could wish for something it would be that they could use Gloomspite Troggoths in their army (and not only as allies).
  14. The reason I think the bodyguard could be a full unit is that their photo with white background showed three. On the photos I have seen they normally show 1 of the warrior or half/full unit when they have white background. So unless they are 6 in a unit it seems likely that they are three.
  15. Who say that LRL is not chaos dwarfs in disguise?
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