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  1. Also no mention of Sequitors being conditional battleline... I wonder if that's going.
  2. Grungni Dwarfs would also break my wallet... here's hoping.
  3. Not sure if I've just missed it... But has there been any comment/rumour on if/when there will be new battletomes for Stormcast and I guess Orruks? When indomitus dropped the new space marine codex followed a couple of weeks later if I remember correctly.
  4. It was the same with Indomitus. The rulebook in that had a full cover picture with no text.
  5. Didn't the easy to build sequitors come with scenic bases too? Whereas soul wars weren't. Could just be a separate e2b kit of the models.
  6. I really hope something happens with Disposessed to make them more of a thing. I had a sizable Dwarf army back in WFB and really loved the lore. I've been pining for a way to recreate the classic dwarf aesthetic without having to soup in additional cities models or use counts-as stand-ins. Coming late to AoS, the lack of options in Fyreslayers was a bit of a turn-off and KO never appealed. A few new classic style kits and dispossed mixed with Fyreslayers would suit me fine personally... GW could take my money.
  7. At £34.50 leaked pricing for the warsong rev... Is it possible that this is actually a new unit rather than a buffing hero? That's the same price as kurnoths and drycha...
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