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  1. Hello Everyone! I was wondering if anyone has any ideas or found good ways to make the Sylvaneth models prettier? I have been slowly getting my family into AoS, and my Mom has expressed interest in the Sylvaneth Army, except for their faces. She thinks they are to angry/spooky/mean looking, but she loves the tree aspect of the models. So I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of making pretty Sylvaneth? I’m not much of a sculptor, so I was hoping to do something along the lines of gluing a face on top of the spooky face. I do understand that this is kind of silly, and I
  2. Thank you for your advice! I also enjoy the Lady with Shield Sequitor, and by getting a second box I can have two of her, and then two of the big hammer dudes, so I’m excited about that, and I love the idea of making the extra guy into a statue! I will have to make some terrain one day and feature a statue! I have a Wife & Daughter that also want to play AoS with me, and my Wife absolutely loves the Nighthaunt,(My Daughter is all about the Seraphon) so getting the Soul Wars Box might be the way to go, but now you have me curious about what releases are coming, so I might have to
  3. I did go to a local game store, and they were a little busy so I didn’t take the time to ask them any questions, I just wandered into the back, found those small little boxes of units and thought they would be perfect to flesh out my little army. I don’t really know anyone who plays this game, I decided to enter it because I happened to start watching miniature painting videos and kept seeing the models from AoS, and got curious. My only source of information has been this one guy on my local game store’s Discord server, and when I asked him what to get, he said get anything I like
  4. Hello everyone! I am brand new to the hobby, wanted to try out Underworlds, as well as attempt to build a little 500pt army of Stormcast. I got the Underworlds starter box, which came with the 3 Castigators with Loyal Gryph-Hound, and then swung by a hobby store and snagged Gardus Steel Soul, and the box of 3 Sequitors, but I’m not sure about what else to grab to fill out the last few points. I was thinking about getting the Vanguard Raptors box, as I think that would get me close to 500pts, but battlescribe says Sequitors are supposed to be in a group of 5, so I’m not sure if
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