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  1. those claws don't look natural though, more like clawed gauntlets
  2. exactly! the horus heresy made not only space marines and but also the primarchs beings that aren't emotionless killing machines. they crack jokes to each other, form friendships, have their own ideas for the perfect universe and so on, even one of the first marines we get to know at the start of horus rising contradicts the stereotype that marines are just boring, that being tarik torgaddon who is far from a mindless automata
  3. i meant the general stylistic of weapons and armor that we've seen, as greenskins they are unique but other than that the armor and weapons seem very reminiscent of orcs & goblins
  4. yes, we do, but looking at what we've got so far these guys looks just too "classic" to me. they definitely give off a whfb orc vibe and for me personally going back to the old world for designs just ain't it chief. but still, this is still not enough stuff to judge the whole faction on, i'm gonna have to see the minis to decide whether i like them or hate them but they're not off to a good start in my book
  5. OH SNAP YOU'RE RIGHT I DIDN'T NOTICE THAT that does make me bit more interested in this faction as i'm not a fan of steppe hobgoblins ngl, but i still don't know about that headdress
  6. don't know what you're going on about
  7. well i know i'm gonna have to give them some noses that's for sure
  8. i was cropping one of the screenshots and noticed that you can make out a definitely wolf shaped creature here
  9. here's our new guy in better quality, ngl not a fan really edit: here's a 2nd one btw
  10. that gobbo looks underwhelmingly basic for aos to be honest
  11. can i get a replay on that thing that the stormcast smashes to bits?
  12. in rumours it is said that they trade weapons with chaos dwarfs so it might be chaos dwarf made, although i still think that's more of a ghoulish looking arm
  13. there are orc cheerleaders in blood bowl but looking at the reproductive cycle of orruks and goblins i don't think they have gender really as they reproduce by spores
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