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  1. According to a leak, some Brutes weapons are going to have higher rend (+1 for Gore-hacka and Gore-choppa). I deleted the image as I think (but not sure) it's against forum rules to post leaks.
  2. You could take Hold The Line or Prized Sorcery as you have 2 wizards in your list (Nagash and Mr. Kainan). I think Mr. Kainan could work, stat wise he is really good value to me. His ability Executioner’s Strike is pretty sick. Don't forget that his keyword is Mortis Praetorians though, so he doesn't benefit from Petrifex worsening rend or improving rend from bludgeon.
  3. Check official Games Workshop Warscroll for Nagash. Priest keyword is gone. It's not legal to play him with it.
  4. Nagash lost Priest keyword 13.5.2021 when his Warscroll got updated
  5. Grand Strategy: Hold the Line Petrifex Elite 1 Drop – Battle Regiment - Unison - Arkhan – 360 Points - Liege Kavalos – 185 Points (Godbone Armour Artifact) - 20 Mortek Guard – 280 Points - 5 Kavalos Deathriders – 190 Points - 5 Kavalos Deathriders – 190 Points - 3 Necropolis Stalker – 180 Points - 4 Morghast Harbingers – 370 Points - Harvester – 215 Points Endless Spell: The Burning Head– 20 Points Total: 1990 points Wounds: 116 This is my list that I decided to try in 3.0. My main inspiration was Russ Veal and his experiences from first 5 game tourney he attendded a week or two ago. I decided to focus on one drop to have a chance for a double turn. I switched crawlers for Harbingers as I see 3d6 charge dice agaist redeploy valuable a lot. Extra mobility will be key against mobile armies like Lumineth kangaroos And Sevireth. 20 Mortek + Harvester will hold key objectives While Harbingers should harass backline. My hope Is that Stalkers won't be obvious target as their damage even with 3 Is pretty brutal. Key will be to keep Arkhan alive. Will see how it goes. Could be fun list either way.
  6. Owen Jackson talked about his new Nagash list in The Honest Wargamer show.
  7. Hiding Warscrolls behind monthly payment barrier would be really unfortunate. It's gonna be harder to persuade my friends into the hobby and I don't really wanna pay 6 dollars a month for a stat app either. I don't mind making my army lists with a calculator, but being able to check stats of opponent units during a game is too important to pass.
  8. Will the warscrolls be freely available like in the Azyr app though? That is my concern..
  9. In General's Handbook Pitched Battles 2021 only allowed points for Matched Play are 1000 and 2000 points. Edit: found out that we are referring to different Battlepacks. GHB 2021 / Contest of Generals Battlepack. My bad.
  10. You need one more Battleline for 1500 points. I prefer Harvester instead of Crawler because of All Out Defence And the fact Crawler has no rend. Crawler still could work but it's worse than in 2.0 imo
  11. You can play max 30 mortek now as you can reinforce Battleline only two times
  12. I think they want to increase points because board is getting smaller and it would be too full with current points?
  13. in Warhammer preview, they hinted that they trade with chaos dwarfs. Grimdark live show also said that chaos dwarfs are coming into AoS. They will have different name though. Their credibility is pretty high after they predicted everything about Dominion box and Kruleboyz
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