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  1. You can play max 30 mortek now as you can reinforce Battleline only two times
  2. I think they want to increase points because board is getting smaller and it would be too full with current points?
  3. in Warhammer preview, they hinted that they trade with chaos dwarfs. Grimdark live show also said that chaos dwarfs are coming into AoS. They will have different name though. Their credibility is pretty high after they predicted everything about Dominion box and Kruleboyz
  4. Wait only Gutrippaz are Battleline? Not hobgrotts or man-skewers?
  5. This might be for path of glory campaign mode. I'm not sure about this for matched play as for example Necropolis Stalkers don't fit any criteria here presented.
  6. Aren't Gutrippaz 2 wound orruks with min 10?
  7. it's up https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/06/12/implacable-inexorable-inevitable-ossiarch-bonereapers-march-into-the-new-edition/ I have to say that I was hoping for more info..
  8. I think they upload them later during the weekends.. I hope it will be up in 18 minutes or in 1 hour and 18 minutes from now.
  9. Is there going to be a faction article about OBR today? They are next in line but I'm not sure if they post these on weekends. I would love to see how their RDP mechanic works with existing changes in 3.0
  10. I'm also interested how global point increase affects our list building as we are fairly expensive already. Seeing Gutrippaz at 180 points I think Mortek might go up 5-20 points.
  11. While you are right it is very different from the original concept that was a selling point to me. Which you might find perfectly normal as a veteran player but for a newbie like me it feels like altering a term of a deal I suppose. I will get used to these changes as years go by. Also I don't think the changes are so bad thanks to the rules clarification I found.
  12. Don't forget about OBR. We play two Mortek Crawlers in majority of lists (unless you go Stalliarch Lords with cavalry focus).
  13. points cost will rise for every faction.
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