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  1. Kastelai Vhordrai 455 pts Coven Throne 310 pts *artifact: grave-sand shard *command trait: rousing commander Radukar the Beast 315 pts 10x Blood Knights 390 pts 5x Blood Knights 195 pts 20x Skeletons 170 pts 10 Skeletons 85 pts 1 Command Point Total 1970 *Triumph bid Really looking forward to trying out some different builds between these guys and Vyrkos. Of course you can play around with artifacts and battalions and battleline etc.
  2. Do we know the artifacts for Vyrkos? If anyone has them I would love a pm! Or just post the rules here.
  3. Appreciate the constructive reply though! I am sure with lots of brain storming we can all come up with some fun and/or competitive lists :).
  4. That would require getting your 4 inch move units into the protected units you really want to deal MWs too. I find with MW output you are usually targeting high priority and strong units that tend to be fast or protected. I do like Lauka but it is not very reliable. Terrorgheists seem kind of weak for their points in Kastelai and Vyrkos and Vhordrai....he is just a boss. I feel you but I do think there is still a weakness with having no shooting, unreliable mw output that requires a lot of things being in place and only a few higher rend options. I do really like the book and am looking forwar
  5. I did notice that which I thought was fantastic. Zombies I am not sure what the damage output will really look like. Time will tell. I am more looking to play a "semi-comp" army with the models I enjoy so Bella and Radukar are a must.
  6. I have been taking a look throughout the book specifically for abilities to help with shooting based armies. I find in general I don't rate casting highly with murderers row running around (Teclis etc) and find the hardest armies to deal with have high mobility, MW output and shooting. We seem to lack MW output and shooting and high powered casting but who knows what is going on with 3rd edition :). Maybe there will be a nerf. I own a KO army and Deepkin army as well so I am not looking to smash every list I play but this book is going to take a little more work and figuring out. Should be fun
  7. If only our Queen could provide -1 to hit in general for all that filthy shooting 😅
  8. Does anyone who speaks Spanish here want to translate the Neferata and Skeletons warscrolls for everyone? 😛 PM me and I'll send the photos.
  9. 3rd wave Rainbow Unicorn Elves who worship the element of being fabuuulouuussss.
  10. I understand your thought process here and can definitely respect that. I am of the belief that the lore can never really effect the game in a perfectly realistic way. Otherwise, Teclis/Nagash would be able to wipe out small armies themselves. Or for example, one space Marine could defeat 500 guardsmen etc. The lore influences the rules and then the writers try to balance (which is never perfect). If we wanted to play a perfectly balanced game we would play Chess. So far I have personally really liked everything revealed but I respect others do not. To be fair, I played Harlequins and De
  11. I was really surprised how much I enjoyed it. I loved it so much I was really tempted to buy a LON army right then and there but I had a feeling new models were coming. One of the fantastic things about the book without spoilers is one of the main characters is a Black Knight and the skeletons get a ton of character. I enjoyed it much more than Ulfenkarn. I tend to not get worried or put too much thought into things until I see the entire tome and warscrolls etc but I understand that when you put a ton of money and time into your minis you want them to have strong rules. I have really lik
  12. Neferata is definitely my Mortarch of choice and I was hoping for some strong rules for her and a bit of a fools hope for Blood Knight battleline (I knew it wasn't happening). I have to say after getting into some recent lore and listening to her recent audiobook Neferata: The Dominion of Bones, she ends up resurrecting a loyal servant to be a Black Knight and it was really cool to see the character develop for this skelly boi. After listening to the audiobook I can definitely see Black Knights being batteline in her force.
  13. I'm not sure if this has been posted but I thought it was pretty cool. ‘I know beasts. I have spent my lives – both of them – hunting them, studying them, taking their measure as I run them to the ground and drive my spear into their sorry hides. So listen to me when I tell you of these creatures, and listen well, because it just might save you: whatever it is they want in Ghur, it goes beyond a simple desire for violence. As long as they and their Earthquake God roam free, none of us are safe.’ - Yndrasta, the Celestial Spear
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