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  1. The Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Third Edition Review is done. Six games played, both Narrative and Matched Play using only the box contents. Is it a good starting point for a new player? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcq_1dDrcpU
  2. I'll be using my FW models alongside whatever new ones come out. A couple of years ago, I actually played against someone using the old 4th (or whatever) edition models as Azgorh in a tournament. Why wouldn't one be allowed to use the Forgeworld models in a similar way? They're GW models. They got their money. Unless they completely redo the line and get rid of blunderbusses and centaurs etc... which ya... then that will suck. They'll get more money if they add on to the line. If they come out with something completely new invalidating an entire line... then they won't get more of my money for that line.
  3. So the Hobgrots aren’t “Azgorh” slaves. They have some agency… which I appreciate.
  4. Is it in their latest video? Just want to check before I commit to watching the whole thing? -edit- Yep. Found it.
  5. They did say on the stream that you can mix them with Orruks and Ironjawz, or run them on their own. That doesn't 100% say they will be rolled into a new Orruk Warclans tome and not get their own, but it definitely leans that way. Time will tell.
  6. Finally got my grubby hands on this box to showcase.
  7. As someone who is still relatively new to this side of the hobby, my experience has been dictated by the players around as much as the game itself. The first few games I played in a tournament/store setting was with my Destruction faction (Ogors and Beastclaw) back in first edition. When I went up against stuff like Sylvaneth and Sayl or other strong stuff, the folks at the shop just let me know, "You're going to get smoked". And we played through scenarios of what I may or may not do in certain situations. And other games, they would throw stuff like Tomb Kings at me, or whatever "Cities of Sigmar" was called back then. I had an understanding that some matchups would be rough. Communication was the key to a pleasant experience. It's just like Magic or any CCG. You can bring your kitted out tournament deck or put together some fun jank. Or, put two new-ish players together. The main difference is the time investment... and to some degree the money invested. But the money investment really... is not that much different. That's a myth. Really, it's the time investment of painting vs deck building, and the games are about 3 to 8 times longer.
  8. They discontinued her? I'm glad I got here when I did. She was one of my favorite models to paint funnily enough. Incoming... "counts as Gargant then" if they Legends her.
  9. I have two plans in place. Cities of Sigmar and Slaves to Darkness. Cities of Sigmar: Ironsworn = Longbeards Fireglaives = Irondrakes Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher = Helstorm Rocket Battery Magma Cannon = Steam Tank Daemonsmith = Battlemage/Runelord (I have all the Daemonsmiths. One of them is very Runelord-esque) Drazoath the Ashen = Battlemage on Griffon Slaves to Darkness: Ironsworn = Marauders Bull Centaur Renders = Varanguard K'daai Fireborn = Chaos Warriors (this one feels iffy to me) Daemonsmith = Chaos Sorcerer Lord Bull Centair Tau'ruk = Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount Drazoath the Ashen = Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Manticore
  10. For the US market, it's showing Magma Cannons and Daemonsmiths as No Longer Available. Time to pick up a Cities of Sigmar book I guess
  11. This is what I've been telling myself if they do cancel them out of Age of Sigmar (which I obviously hope they don't): I can use them as "counts as" Slaves to Darkness. I can use them as "counts as" Cities of Sigmar. I can use them in Kings of War (bleh... but still). I might be able to use them in The Old World.
  12. I actually spoke with customer service on this. If you are in the U.S. (as I am), expect them in a couple of weeks.
  13. Forgot I had this green-stuffed Gargant laying around. So, I went overboard and cooked up a 400 point Monster using the Gargantuan Beast rules.
  14. Thanks! Ya... I should probably just mark it Slaves to Darkness to be honest. I can't tell if it's a Khorne who went Nurgle or vice versa. It's basically a Khorne champion body with Blightking weapon and Nurgle head... and some Genestealer Cults arms
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