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  1. Ah no, looks like the FW Khorne dragon is “sold out no longer available”, literally had a cracking conversion in mind, and I think when FW does this it typically means it’s gone for good
  2. Just checked it’s the mouth of Mork, he just shot as he further away you can make out the outline
  3. I have a strong feeling everyone will get at least *one* model with their battletomes! 40K has! And I could easily see 4 non order times, since no order times are desperately old(in fact some are the newest!) other than dwarves which are rumoured to be souped anyhow, so I could see them being the fifth tome and first new one!
  4. Indeed you’re right all those models got a codex and so far the only armies to have got one! So it gives us a sense of the first few too! Only one we are waiting on is ork which is this month now
  5. Don’t worry in the preview video they said it was Dominion celebration, just like they called the 9th one! Don’t worry Brodd, it’s only AOS, and I believe it’s very similar I. Structure to the 9th one!
  6. They did have them, and the were indeed pretty bland, but so many changes were indeed weapon specific so it did feel less repetitive and tedious as these ones!
  7. Yea something a long these lines, unlike last time they had already teased the void dragon and silent king, so this one may show more considering the Kruelboyz centre piece hasn’t been shown off yet! And then amongst the teaser trailer of new models (ala the sister video from the link I shared) we will see the teaser for new models of several factions and one from a new faction most likely, money is chorf or shadow elves
  8. All models are out except the beast snagga which is next month, but all have now been revealed, mostly due to covid
  9. Make sure that you pick up the new Dominion boxed set and join us on the 3rd of July when we’ll be hosting a dazzling celebration for the launch of the new edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.
  10. Sorry for double post! But this is what to expect: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/07/25/the-warhammer-40000-launch-party-preview/ definitely watch the last video with the sister, since this is what I believe we will get as a teaser for other factions
  11. Sounds exactly like the Indomitus celebration! You can bet your bottom dollar this’ll be similar!
  12. I’ve heard this rumour, and it’s from such sources with such certainty that it seems like the most true of rumours about the new black Templars, deffo could see this!
  13. Maybe just add some wings dragon stylised wings
  14. This happened on indomitus launch day, it was called 9th celebration I believe, they showed farther out things, not just for space marines and necrons, they showed the teaser of small parts of individual models culminating in a full reveal of a sisters model(the palatine) the others are now know as, lelith, skitarii marshal and a beast Snagga
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