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  1. I think the simpler solution here is to do each phase per player. So player 1 does all their hero phase stuff, then player 2, etc. Then player 1 does all their movement, then player 2, etc. You'd probably want to re-roll priority at the start of each phase but for a multi-player battle I see no downside. Not sure how well it translates to just a 2 player game though. It certainly would be faster than going per unit though.
  2. So to make sure I understand this how everyone else does. Let's say I have an Anointed with Amulet near Phoenix Guard who are his Loyal shields. Anointed takes a wound. He gets a 4+ (armor) 5+ (amulet) 4+ (witness). Or I can take a 4+ (armor) 4+ (loyal shields) and then a 4+(witness) on the Phoenix Guard. If the Anointed fails the 4+ loyal shields does he still get his 4+ witness save or does he just take the wound?
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