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  1. I’d be surprised, Dreadfleet wasn’t a great seller.
  2. You’re right. I remember when AoS launched and all Warhammer rules material suddenly dissolved. Burning an army you’d paid for and painted, rather than say, selling it, was the only sensible action.
  3. Burning a Dark Elf army on a door seems like an even dumber decision now.
  4. A legend who will be missed. His work’s given me more than two decades of enjoyment.
  5. Delayed by DPD to after launch day, but my Chaos Duardin are finally united with their totally trustworthy servants
  6. They’re summed up in a couple of pages each. So the books are worth getting for the art and full story etc
  7. Managed to squeeze in one last game of Second Edition the night before, using my Chaos Duardin for the first and last time with 2nd.
  8. On Warhammer launch day I was let down by the DPD driver who decided to fake a missed delivery presumably to go home early to watch football. So I’m still waiting for Dominion to be delivered
  9. All I want from a Chaos Duardin release are the three B’s: Bull-Centaurs, Blunderbusses and Big Hats.
  10. The Chaos Duardin hints also reignited my hobby excitement. Chaos Dwarfs were my first army way back in 1996 and I’ve struggled to love an army to the same extent since they disappeared from store shelves. So when the Hobgrots appeared they sparked the decision to just go ahead and collect the Big Hats again
  11. At least they still exist in the background, so it’s not quite reached the darkest days of 6th and 7th edition.
  12. Looks like it’s back to how it was in 7th edition. We technically still have a list ( like we had Ravening Hordes) in the form of the Legions of Azgorh compendium, so we can play. But we don’t have support and likely won’t be allowed in most tournaments.
  13. Leaked photos of Mk VI plastics and a possibly plastic Land Raider Spartan from a new boxed set.
  14. GW are likely fuming over the Horus Heresy leaks as they’ve likely done just that.
  15. Last time I’ll comment on this particular issue because it’s getting off topic, but you know Bonesplitterz literally have Witch-Doctors right? And you can’t see the similarity between the mask of the Shaman I posted and actual voodoo masks? Bonesplitterz entire aesthetic has its roots in “voodoo” and “Juju”, mixed with Palaeolithic Hunter gatherer concepts.
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