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  1. Fiends were good against them in 2nd, not sure how much all out defence will help them as I haven’t played them yet. But could use fiends and a way of blocking commands.
  2. Yeah I just have a hard time spending that much on the epitome. I’ll try to hide the IE just to use her item
  3. Yeah I just built them as slickblades, but I’ll try them as proxy’s for the archers
  4. Allegiance: Slaanesh- Host: Invaders Host- Mortal Realm: Ghur- Grand Strategy: Hold the Line- Triumphs: LeadersDexcessa, The Talon of Slaanesh (280) in Battle RegimentInfernal Enrapturess, Herald of Slaanesh (140) in Battle Regiment- General- Command Trait: Delusions of Infallibility - Artefact: The Rod of Misrule Synessa, The Voice of Slaanesh (260) in Battle RegimentBe'Lakor, the Dark Master (360)- AlliesBattleline11 x Blissbarb Archers (180) in Battle Regiment5 x Hellstriders with Hellscourges (135)5 x Hellstriders with Hellscourges (135) in Battle RegimentUnits5 x Slickblade Seekers (230) in Battle Regiment5 x Slickblade Seekers (230) in Battle RegimentEndless Spells & InvocationsChronomantic Cogs (45)Core BattalionsBattle RegimentTotal: 1995 / 2000Reinforced Units: 0 / 4Allies: 360 / 400Wounds: 109
  5. Got my Belakor, think I’m gonna stick a shield on him from the keeper/shalaxi kit
  6. Thanks dudes, was just tying to make her as flamboyant and colourful as possible…. Makes sense now why my lez best friend gave it a thumbs up ha!
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