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  1. Ya for sure. There are good rules for deploying monsters. But for example, a the center of a base needs to be on a platform. Well some of these monsters can traverse a ton of buildings at once. Or what about cover? A 1" terrain is cover but for a monster, really? Or dangerous terrain for that matter. Any insight on these or other technical, in game rules would be amazing. If they dont exist, how do you and yours house rule them?
  2. I am looking for technical rules on fielding monsters. They have ridiculous base sizes and as a results I cannot see how the fall into the norm with movement, terrain, falling, ect. Maybe they do? But if anyone can tell me where I might find such rules, I would appreciate it.
  3. Hey, new hear. In fact, new to Warcry. I am going to have plenty of questions and right now they are about warband creation. To start off the topic: I have a destruction book and plenty of Orc and Goblin models. I see a section in the Destruction tome about heroes and allies. But I cannot see where I might include Gloomspites with Iron Jaws as regular units. Is this possible? If so, where in the Destruction book can I find that rule? Or Bonesplitterz and Iron Jaws or Ogres. Any combination of them I suppose?
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