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  1. I’m glad for the pause since I need some time for my finances to catch up
  2. This is me. I picked up Lumineth, specifically Vanari, because I love the pike and archer formation supported by cav, wizard heavy armies, and the look of the models. Then I find out everyone hates them, and specifically the units I enjoy most. Not great. So I stick to my Legions of Nagash unless someone is ok with me doing my LRL
  3. There are quite a few. It also should be letting vanari units take spells, Zaitrec wizard heroes take extra spells, shouldn’t let the twins be general, etc The stone guard and wind chargers get bumped to battle line in their respective nations, though they aren’t listed as such. It may just be a coding thing. I’m not all that familiar with how shifting battleline subfactions are represented in the app outside of LRL
  4. Wasn’t done with Blackstone. Not sure about the other Warhammer Quest games
  5. Ah, game balance. Like utopia, it’s something everyone wants but is always out of reach. Oh, and no one can agree on what it is. I do have some thoughts. As has been mentioned, part of the issue is that any game with diverse pieces is going to be hard to balance. Even games with perfectly symmetrical balance (i.e. chess) are difficult to balance based on things like first turn advantage. And AoS is very, very diverse with lots of moving pieces that make it tricky to zero in on. It doesn’t help that we don’t have a lot of “well, it’s just _________, but does X instead of Y.” Most units are rather distinct from one another in function. When your “rank and file” battle line troops range from grots to gargants, it shows both diversity and, honestly, how difficult balance for this game is bound to be. I think generally balance is...ok. There are certainly areas where it could be improved (magic and shooting have been mentioned a lot) but it’s also not as bad as it could be. As has also been mentioned, a lot of what you encounter is going to color your opinion. I haven’t gone up against Seraphon, for example, so I have no personal opinion on them. I’m sure that will change once they grind me under their scaly, scaly heels a few times. I am curious what the long rumored AoS 3 will bring to the table in terms of tweaks for balance
  6. Thanks, all! I’m going to need to do some more research. Anyone have any experience with the citadel cases? Seems like they might work well as a carryon
  7. From what I’ve seen, there’s a bit of debate on the topic since the top of all point lists says that Unique units are named characters. I err on the side of caution with stuff like this, but that’s why I think an FAQ is needed
  8. It’s under the points. He’s listed as “unique”, so you sadly only get one. Probably for the best, though I’m hoping an FAQ lets him take an artifact
  9. My last fully painted model was a Vanari Warden, which would be a wholesale slaughter. My last model I applied paint to is the Light of Eltharion, which is a much more interesting matchup. Last fully painted unit was my skeleton warriors which...
  10. @Vasshpit Thanks. I’ll look into them. I have a friend who uses them for his Sylvaneth, so I will have to pick his brain
  11. I’ll have to consider this. I’m going to have to cross an ocean, but this might be good so long as I do a good mail service. Or take it in my hard case luggage, as I’m increasingly suspecting I may need to do. I have before. They always looked a bit fragile, but they hold up well?
  12. Sorry in advance if this topic has come up, but all I can find through almighty google is hypotheticals and imprecise advice. Okay, so, I recently got into a university for a postgrad program (yay!) in another country (yay!) and now I need to figure out how to transport a bunch of stuff including my miniatures (...yay?). My big concern at the moment is my Lumineth Wardens and their spears, though my Arkhan and Nagash are also likely candidates to break into little bits. I’m thinking of doing some shopping of things like skeletons since they’re pretty sturdy, but the other models have me a bit nervous. Anyone have any experience with moving like this? I’d like to take at least one army (preferably two: Legions of Nagash and Lumineth), but I may just have to store some and slowly trickle them over as I take vacations to visit friends and family.
  13. Ah, my mistake. I’m still new AOS. Think this will hold true for Cursed City?
  14. Mortal wounds are clearly underpowered and we need a new mechanic: mortaler wounds to bypass those pesky backup saves 😛 Honestly, I’ve never had an instance where mortal wounds felt unfair or too abundant. Yeah, I’ve been hit by a lucky Lumineth roll, and it sucked, but I’ve also lost a lot to a lucky “extra hits on 6” or high rend attacks. I’m admittedly still quite new to the game and maybe I haven’t encountered the game breaking potential as my local scene is pretty chill.
  15. I think it’s an intentional choice. When you give it some thought, it makes sense. You don’t want to give powerful abilities to something that some will view as extraneous to the core game. The one that stands out to me is Daedalosus from Blackstone Fortress. People are reselling the model for almost as much as the expansion went for originally. And there’s no way to get the model aside from resellers or getting the original expansion. Feels bad. Making boxed models a bit underpowered helps people not feel like they’re being required to buy these limited releases for FOMO. Don’t get me wrong: I’d like if they were a bit more usable, but from a design perspective, it makes sense
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