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  1. I almost did Bonereapers but after a bit of a talking to with the kiddo, I decided to go with Nurgle. And so far they've been pretty fun to collect and paint. Going on vacation next week and am going to TRY to get some major amounts painting done.
  2. I appreciate the feedback. I'm not 100% on the authentic yet either but the lore and possible play style approaches are appealing to me. I'll see about maybe doing some tweaking to make a kit feel more "mine" once I settle on either a majority Mortals or Demons approach.
  3. Hi everyone! Just stopping in to make a short intro. I've been collecting and building since early 2000's(?) started with Space Wolves and Empire but then moved on to build a 2000+ High Elves army while continuing my Empire army for several years. Took a long break and am now back with a hunger to start building my first Non-Order army. With some minor prods and allout demands from my 4 year old daughter and some personal researching, I'm thinking of going with Maggotkin of Nurgle. So, for those of you here who play or have played them, would anyone be able to help me out with figuri
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